Nearly Live From The Scene – 2014 California Melee Report

This past weekend was the occasion for the 2014 California Melee, a low-buck 3-day event that’s been held since 1997. The Melee features fast back road touring in roughly the same vicinity as its more high-brow neighbor, the California Mille (Miglia), going from San Francisco to Red Bluff to Fort Bragg and back to SF. In addition to fantastic driving, you get great scenery since this covers the wine country, Central Valley, and the northern California coast with its beautiful shoreline and gigantic redwood trees. There are also a few dirt sections, which explains the condition of the RustyButTrusty 2002.

2014 California Melee 1

Filling up the tank in Ruth, CA. Note the modern high price of gas, but the analog counters on the pumps. The car seemed to do remarkably well, regardless of the crap poured into the tank. Part of the joy of running one of these rallies is that even though you have a map, you’re never entirely certain you’re going the right way… so you can discover interesting new roads and have a great story to share at the end of the day. And you’ll often have the road entirely to yourself, to drive at whatever pace you choose – or you can pair up with a couple of other drivers and find out that a 1955 Thunderbird with some light upgrades really can corner.

2014 California Melee 3

Have you ever seen a Honda 600 on the road? If you run the Melee or coincide with one of the overnight stops you might. This little screamer was apparently involved in a collision with a deer – the only difference being the deer ran into it. No word on who sustained injuries, or if both came away relatively unscathed.

2014 California Melee 4

What the view is like – following a 356 in a gorgeous shade of blue. It’s quite surreal being in such a large group of older cars, and if you squint your eyes (maybe not the best idea while driving) you can imagine what it was like driving around 40 years ago.

2014 California Melee 5

And yes, you do hit the occasional patch of traffic blockage during construction – usually just enough time to check what that burning smell is, take a swig or two of some water, and get going again. This 356 went home with a noise suggesting a transmission rebuild was needed – ouch. The nice thing about doing significant work on an occasional driver is if it’s done properly, you know you’ll likely never have to do it again.

2014 California Melee 7

The last half of the day was spent neck-and-neck with this tangerine 911T. Prepared with widened steel wheels, competition-style exhaust, and upgraded suspension, it really tears around the corners. And most of the time, it does that with the headlights pointing forwards.

2014 California Melee 8

Fort Ross is on the route – originally a Russian outpost in the colony of Kashaya, it was subsequently a homestead and is now a state park. And it’s definitely worth a stop if you haven’t been, capturing an interesting and little-known piece of California history.

2014 California Melee 9

The chase is on! Somewhere along the way we changed positions, and aside from being held up by a sheriff and a Honda Accord who carefully held to a non-existent 25mph speed limit, there were some fun hijinks on the tighter corners of Highway 1. Capping it off with a stop at an oyster shack in Bolinas, where the owner provided a couple of free plates of oysters right before closing time, finished off a great day of driving on the right note.

2014 California Melee 11


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7 Responses to “Nearly Live From The Scene – 2014 California Melee Report”

  1. Gonzotiki Says:

    This sounds like a lot of fun. How many cars participated?

  2. Nick Says:

    Hey, if I’d known it was you at dinner, I would have complimented you on your website!

    I had a great time on the rally–I highly recommend anyone reading this to get involved in one if you have the itch. We are spoiled for choice here in the Bay Area, but you can find similar drives almost anywhere.

    Can’t wait to see that Alfetta, Chris!

    Nick in the Sonett

  3. Don Grossman Says:

    I was impressed by the caliber of both the cars and participants who stayed at the Motel 6 in Red Bluff. My two brothers and I grew up in the backseat of a 69 Datsun 510 tha became my first and favorite car. It was nice to see the variety of vintage cars. i gave a couple of owners an unopened Hot Wheel resembling their cars.The owner of a radical 73 Celica (Andrew with Dave navigating) was so thankful for the Hot Wheel he brought back a long gone spark in my heart and an ear to ear smile that lasted 3 days or more when he let me take my grandson Jorden for a ride in his “Little Monster”!

    Thanks ya’ll.

    I can’t wait until next year .

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