More Angles – 1979 Triumph TR7

In case this week’s cars haven’t been angular enough for you, there’s more coming. The late 1970s and early 1980s produced many angular, folded-paper style designs. While Triumph’s last breath (other than the post-mortem Acclaim, which was a badge-engineered Honda Civic sedan) didn’t have as sharp creases in its design as the Volvo 740 or VW Golf Mk1, it was nonetheless was one of the first cars to democratize the wedge as a viable car shape, heretofore only known on exotics. Critics and pundits labeled it the wedge or doorstop, and Triumph themselves called it the shape of things to come, but 35 years on it’s a capable, still-contemporary sports car. Check out this 1979 Triumph TR7 for sale for $4100 in Daly City, CA.

1979 Triumph TR7 right side

While Minilite-style wheels are more common on classic-style cars, they actually work pretty well here, and the white finish is not as dated as some of the other colors you could get these in. The only thing that clearly dates this car is the giant rubber impact bumpers – has anybody successfully cleaned up or updated the look? Unlike most cars with big rubber bumpers, conversion to Euro-market bumpers won’t help, as they got the same thing. A darker color might be the only solution here.

1979 Triumph TR7 engine

The engine and the underhood area look great – clean for a driver. This particular shot shows a bunch of tools at the base of the windshield, so it would be interesting to know what (if any) services the owner has performed himself. There are no smog check records available in the car’s online history, so that’s something to ask about – the seller says it has passed. It’s said to have an all new front suspension and to run great as well, and manuals and service records come with the car.

1979 Triumph TR7 rear

The top is new, and the body is said to be free of dents and scratches. For the top down British sports car experience, this really does look to be a fair deal. The only picture provided of the interior suggests it’s consistent with the exterior, though it’s too low-resolution to really tell. This is the third or fourth TR7 featured here this year – are you convinced yet?


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