No Giggling – 1969 MGB

As with many other older sports cars, MGBs have moved from being a 15-20 year old used car to a classic sports car. With that usually comes an attendant price increase, and it’s no different for the MGB. If you’re looking for the typical British sports car experience, you could hardly do better, but where $4000 or so used to get you a nice driver, it now gets you a driving project. Check out this 1969 MGB for sale for $3600 in Fremont, CA.

1969 MGB left front

While black is one of those colors that’s become all too common on today’s cars, it does have one advantage on classic cars, and that’s how it truly makes all the chrome/stainless trim stand out. Unfortunately, it also covers up rust, which makes it hard to assess any bodywork needs from an online listing. This particular example is said to have a new grill, tires, and battery, and to have a clean “tittle” (tee hee!). It’s also only got one owner, which could either mean it’s on its original owner, or there is one person who currently owns the car.

1969 MGB right rear

The car looks largely straight, and the quality of the paint is hopefully just due to oxidation and not a rattle can cleanup job. Unfortunately, one of the owners has rear-ended someone, and while a replacement grill is provided, the car will also need attention to the hood and front fenders. Fortunately, the bumper seems to have escaped without major damage.

1969 MGB interior

What is going on with this interior? Luckily, MG vendors stock enough parts to replace everything here. The color of the dash is confusing at best – perhaps someone tried to remove the Abingdon pillow and bring the interior back to what it was like, pre-safety laws. The only detail given on the car’s mechanical condition is “runs great”, so if you’re looking for a top-down British project, this might be your car.


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One Response to “No Giggling – 1969 MGB”

  1. Dan D Says:

    This car seems to be kind of a mutt, with wheels and wings from a later car (the ’69 had the stick-on reflectors on the wings) but the seta pattern from a ’69 – can’t tell if it has the ‘chicklets’-style headrests). For this price it had BETTER run well since it looks pretty rough cosmetically…

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