Bargain 96 – 1970 Saab 96

As a car lover, it’s hard to see how anyone would have a hard time appreciating a Saab – even if you aren’t a fan, they certainly had their own style and a unique way of solving the problem of how to get 4 people to their destination, and were very dedicated to automotive engineering. And while the older Saabs seem to be disappearing to all but enthusiast ownership, you can occasionally find a driver condition model of one of the V4-powered cars. Check out this 1970 Saab 96 for sale for $3900 in Los Angeles, CA.

1970 Saab 96 left front

Overall, it looks pretty decent, though there are a couple of bits missing that raise concerns about a quickie repaint, namely the front and rear fender trim, and more critically, the fuel filler on the driver’s rear fender. There is also some damage to the rear lid – perhaps the car was sideswiped and fenders were replaced, while the rear deck was not? You’ll definitely want to do some investigation, and hopefully it isn’t too hard to get a replacement part.

1970 Saab 96 rear

It’s nice to see the car running the blue plates that suggest California original. Looking around the car, some of the panel alignment looks a little off – was there a more serious hit at some point, or is this just a result of lacking attention to detail? White certainly suits these cars well, and if you wanted to go for a non-Carlsson rally look, white is a good palate.

1970 Saab 96 engine

The car is said to run and drive very well, and part of the reason for that is on display here – the car has a rebuilt engine, together with a new clutch. It’s said to have many new parts, and to be rust-free as well. So hopefully the visible issues are not so hard to resolve.

1970 Saab 96 interior

The interior is also quite nice at this price – good quality, possibly original vinyl matching the door panels, good carpet and no obviously missing parts. The only gap in the dashboard appears to be the radio, whose faceplate is missing at the moment. Overall, this looks like a clean, solid little car which, with a few more details knocked out, might be a good classic driver.


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