Eighties Vee Dub Pair – 1987 VW Scirocco 16v and 1984 VW Rabbit GTI

While the second generation Scirocco, with its giant impact bumpers and somewhat blander styling, doesn’t warm the cockles of our icy cold hearts like the first generation car does, it’s still quite a compelling drivetrain package in a very 1980s body style. That 16-valve engine was on every young gearhead’s list back when they were new, perhaps more in the GTI than the Scirocco, but no matter – 26 years (wait, what?) of perspective makes you see things somewhat differently. If you’re not swayed, check out this 1987 VW Scirocco 16v for sale for $3500 in Washington County, west of Portland, OR.

1986 VW Scirocco right front

Is it really true? No faded paint, no failed clearcoat? Sweet! No teardrop wheels? Ah well, the Panasports do a pretty good job filling in. The bumpers look a little faded, but you’ll want to replace those with the Euro-spec pieces anyway – they make the car look so much more compact and tidy, and probably improve the handling too.

1986 VW Scirocco engine

This car is said to have only 88,000 miles, and comes with many new parts including oil cooler and sensor, plugs/wires, alternator, distributor, timing belt/tensioner/sprocket, engine and transmission mounts and more. It looks clean enough to eat from, thanks in part to the freshly powdercoated intake manifold and valve cover. That said, it looks like some of those hoses have been attacked by the Armor All monster, so proceed with caution.

1986 VW Scirocco interior

The interior benefits from a new Momo wheel, and what little else is visible beyond that looks clean. Expect some rattles, though, since it’s an 80s VW. If you can’t get over the Mk2 styling, or this coupe is a little too big and powerful for your tastes, we have an alternative 1980s VW from just a few years earlier. Check out this iconic 1984 VW Rabbit GTI for sale for $3300 in King City, OR.

1984 VW Rabbit GTI right rear

The Ronal-style wheels from an Audi 4000 suit the car well, as you’d expect given the styling is very similar. The red paint looks somewhat oxidized, and is possibly original, given the original black accents on the door bottoms and hatch are still there. The car is said to have a fair amount of replacement parts, including new tires, hubs, wheel bearings, as well as cooling system work and refreshed dash wiring.

1984 VW Rabbit GTI left front

The car also comes with a whole new set of rubber seals and a new carpet kit. The seats are said to be GTI Rallye seats – does the seller mean from the famous AWD G60 Rallye? The car is also said to need some attention to the emergency brake, and to come with numerous extra parts. So which would you go for? Boxy hatch or wedgy coupe?


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One Response to “Eighties Vee Dub Pair – 1987 VW Scirocco 16v and 1984 VW Rabbit GTI”

  1. JiffyJetta Says:

    That scirocco is my old one. The wheels are Rota Rbs by the way. The paint is a terrible respray. I had to wet sand for 3 weeks to make it shine like that. Also, that odometer is broken and stuck at that milage. Overall it was really nice for an old scirocco 16v.

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