Anti-Neue Klasse – 1968 Rover 2000TC

As proof that you can sell any kind of car in the coastal states, even if in limited numbers, there’s a not-insignificant supply of Rovers (primarily P6 sedans) living in northern California. Every so often, one pops up for sale as a reminder that these are significant cars, taking much inspiration from Citroen’s DS, and adding some of their own ingenuity. If seeing these cost-no-object innovative manufacturers (like Lancia, Saab, and Alfa) die out doesn’t make you just a little sad, you should probably remove this page from your bookmarks and shut your browser down. You can find this 1968 Rover P6 2000TC (that’s twin carb, not twin cam) for sale for $3000 in Sacramento, CA.

1968 Rover 2000TC left side

The body looks pretty straight, even if the paint is oxidized. Seller mentions the rubber window scrapers and other assorted bits he’s bought to install after the repaint, but if the paint is thick enough, a good wet sand, polish, and wax should do the trick on any less-than-daily driver. The car is said to be a good driver with no mechanical issues, the interior is said to be so-so, and it could use new flexible brake lines. That last item should be a default job on any new-to-you classic car – you’re bleeding the brakes anyway, right? The pseudo-alloy Rostyle wheels are the preferred style for this model.

1968 Rover 2000TC right front

Here you can see the weather checking on the paint. It’s nice to see the car has been garaged, at least recently – with any luck that and the repair records will show an owner who cares for his old cars. This car doesn’t seem to have the bumper mounted Icelert system, not that you’ll be likely to need it in a classic car. Fortunately these never had to endure the pain of giant impact bumpers, which they would have, had they lasted until 1977 as they did in England.

1968 Rover 2000TC interior

The leather wrap on the steering wheel appears to be splitting, although the actual wheel rim looks like it’s wooden. If not, replacement shouldn’t be too hard. An active, if small, Rover club means you should be able to get parts in the US, and if not, these still have quite a following abroad. The rest of the dash looks decent enough, although you can expect splitting in the seat upholstery and probably worn/faded carpets.

1968 Rover 2000TC left rear

This would ordinarily be left out, since partial shots are often useless, but this one shows missing front headrests, and some kind of damage/splitting to the rear seat back. Fortunately, a replacement seat back is included, so you’re halfway there. Mechanically solid but cosmetically rough ‘n’ ready is exactly how we like them – put on your size tens and see if you can get a good deal on this one.


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