Tipo 119 – 1984 (ish) Alfa Romeo Alfa Sei Quadrifoglio d’Oro

Recent listings on eBay, albeit for 5-figure prices, inspired a quick little trip to Europe to see what’s available there in the way of the Alfa 6. Alfa’s first six-cylinder car since the inline 6 2600 of the 1960s, the Alfa 6 was merely related to the Alfetta platform cars, but with a front-mounted transmission (making it the only rear-wheel-drive V6 Alfa Romeo with a front-mounted transmission). It did use the same front torsion bar, rear de Dion set up that contributed greatly to the roadholding and balance of the Alfetta range. Of the roughly 12,000 cars produced, less than 2000 were built with the fuel-injected 2.5-liter V6, which had an output of 156hp. Intended as Alfa’s response to family-size BMW, Peugeot and Mercedes sedans, you can find this 1984 Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 Quadrifoglio Oro for sale for €2800 ($3890 at the current exchange rate), somewhere in Belgium.

1984 Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 left front

A reasonably good looking sedan, if somewhat bland by Alfa standards, the Alfa 6 was also a pilot platform of sorts for the new Giuseppe Busso-designed V6. Initially released with an intake fed by six (!!) Dell’Orto carburetors, which probably sounded divine but were challenging to set up, the revised Alfa 6 sported Bosch fuel injection, as seen on all North American market Alfa V6s. Given this car is near the bottom end of the market – most cars are in the €10-15,000 range – it looks very decent. Not spotless and shiny, but quite usable.

1984 Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 right rear

The only details given are that it has 154,000km and is in good condition. Likely heavier than a Milano or a GTV6, it can’t be too fast, but you still get that beautiful music and great handling. At least it’s not as slow as the diesel, and speaking of those, perhaps the recently-sold-on-eBay Alfa 6 diesel would be a candidate for a gasoline engine transplant, or better yet, a twin-turbo V6 from a dead Callaway GTV6. You’d easily beat a 164 in performance, if not looks.

1984 Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 interior

The interior looks to be in excellent condition, with no cracking of the dash, and spotless grey seats. It’s nice to see the traditional Alfa 5-speed in this large sedan, instead of the power-sapping 3-speed automatic. One or two Alfa 6s were federalized with the intent of bringing them to the North American market, but they were never unleashed on the general public.

1984 Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 engine

Here’s the engine. Yes, things are not too clean, but this appears to be the cheapest running Alfa 6 on the market. And speaking of being on the market, the photos of this car are dated 2011, which either means they’re that old, or the seller has an old digital camera. Either way, you can reach him at the listed email address and find out whether you (if you’re in one of the other 49 states) can bring this home.


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4 Responses to “Tipo 119 – 1984 (ish) Alfa Romeo Alfa Sei Quadrifoglio d’Oro”

  1. Barry Nichols Says:

    Hi! I just discovered your blog and read about the Alfa Sei.

    In the blog, you mentioned the car would be fine in 49 states. I assume that means California is the exception.

    For a while now, I’ve been reading car ads on EBay UK, looking at potential right hand drive cars to import.

    Is this impossible to do here in Califonia? Would the car have to be older than 25 years?

    I did get a ball park estimate of $900-$1200 to ship a car to San Francisco.

    Do you know anything about getting a car from England? Or, who I might contact in this regard?

    Thanks for any help,
    Barry Nichols

    • Barry Nichols Says:

      Sorry, forgot to include email address. :muggsman1@yahoo.com


    • Chris Keen Says:

      Yeah, California is the exception, even after considering the 25-year exemption from NHTSA vehicle safety rules. Anything 1976 and newer needs a smog test, and since a tester or a state referee can’t find, say, a 1987 Lancia Delta in their system, they will fail it. From what I’ve observed, you can get around this two ways, although I have no personal experience with either. One is to register the car out of state with a friend or PO Box and then hope nobody reports you and that you don’t get caught. The other way is a little more sneaky: diesels before 1998 don’t need a smog test. So in theory, you could bring in an Alfa Sei diesel, get all the paperwork filed with the appropriate authorities, and then swap out the engine with something more desirable – in that example, you could even drop in a federalized V6 and be in compliance with the spirit of the law, if not the letter. Hmmm… Alfa Sei Quadrifoglio Verde with a 3.0 V6? Just a thought…

  2. Thierry Says:


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