Great-Grandfather – 1995 Audi S6

It’s not often a car from the high-tech nineties, whose original sale price was well into the five figures, appears here, but sometimes a chance is too good to pass up. Imagine picking up a contemporary of BMW’s M5, or an AMG Mercedes, in apparently good condition for the kind of money you’d spend on a driver MGB. And yes, a driver MGB certainly has many virtues, but there’s also a lot of fun in piloting a 230hp turbocharged inline 5 with all-wheel-drive and fairly direct lineage to the original Quattro. Check out this 1995 Audi S6 for sale for $4000 in Portland, OR.

1995 Audi S6 left rear

This car wears a set of Avus wheels, and while pearl white is rather passe at this point, it’s the right color for eighties and nineties (pre-TT) Audis the way British Racing Green is the right color for the MGB. There’s only one shot of the exterior, but what is visible is in nice condition. It’s not uncommon for these cars to have high odometer readings, and this one fits right in with a reading of 209,000. And while this car is just a watered down version of its predecessor’s influential styling, the tall greenhouse is great to see when most car windows are styled like those of armored trucks, and the interior is also a fairly nice design, hinting at what was to come for future Audi interiors.

1995 Audi S6 interior

And indeed, this Audi’s interior looks to be in excellent shape, given the mileage. There does seem to be some wear on the steering wheel, but the seat bolsters show far less than anyone would have a right to expect. There is one suggestion of replacement leather on the driver’s side – the passenger seat appears to repeat the red lines shown in the S6 logo. In fact, the only odd thing about the condition of the interior is the mismatched driver’s floor mat.

1995 Audi S6 engine

Aside from some leaves, the engine compartment looks pretty tidy, as you’d hope. And, as you’d hope, it’s had some mechanical attention including new top end, seals, gaskets, timing belt and tensioner, water pump, and injector seals. Further, there’s an upgraded coil pack, cold air intake, and silicone hoses for the turbo intake and coolant, so you’re certain of a decent lifespan with reduced risk of oxygen leaks. The one thing the car is said to need is a new windshield. The seller does lather it on a little thick about how great these cars are, but go in with your eyes wide open and you might come out with a deal on a 1990s super sedan.


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