The Price of Admission – 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano

Sometimes, you check out a car because you’re interested in the car itself. But sometimes, it’s worth looking at a car not only for the car itself, but for its surroundings. While you have to be careful not to harass a seller, a visit to one with a broad collection might yield some interesting finds. And if not, well, the Milano is quite a neat car on its own – hearing that V6 is certainly worth the trip. Check out this 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano for sale for $2000 in Woodburn, OR.

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano right front

The pictures seem to show a car that’s straight and clean, with shiny paint, but the seller says the paint is crap. It’s nice to see a seemingly balanced appraisal of the car’s strengths and weaknesses – body straight, paint crap, fair interior, running and driving well but needing a set of tires, he refers to it as a project. He does also say it’s nearly a driver, but it’s been recently resurrected from storage, so that implies you’ll need to service the electrical system – clean all the grounds and switches, lubricate window and sunroof mechanisms, etc.

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano left front

Decent on this side too. He doesn’t seem open to many questions, so if you have to ask just one, you’ll probably want to ask about the timing belt and water pump as those need doing before the car can be considered drivable. There’ll be a lot of interference if the belt snaps, and the Milano has a decent amount of room to do the work, unlike a 164. Notice the couple of Dodge pickups and a Mitsubishi Montero in the background.

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano right rear

Looks straight from the rear too. It seems to have the Milano Verde trunk lip, even though it’s said to be a 2.5-liter car. V6 power and ancient tires should be a fun combination for at least a couple of days. It’s too bad he doesn’t show any pictures of the interior or engine, but as he says, picture collectors are unwelcome. But the most interesting part here is what’s in the background – a Jaguar Mk X or 420G, an XJ6, a W210 Mercedes, and more unintelligible cars. So aside from looking at a cool Milano, are there other opportunities there?


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