Revolution! – 1974 MGB GT

Have you ever found a car that appeals to you, even though it shouldn’t, based on your own personal guidelines and tastes? Somehow, the builder/owner has found the right combination of wheels, color, stance and more to enable the car to break the rules – whether it’s design, attention to detail, or craftsmanship. That’s how you can appreciate a low rider, even if your natural predilections are towards small French cars of the 1970s. Check out this 1974 MGB GT for sale for $3800 in Plainville, MA.

1974 MGB GT left rear

Lowered over Revolution wheels housed inside radiused wheel arches, this little BGT looks like it came straight off the race track and onto the road. Which it seems to have indeed done, as one of the pictures in the listing shows the car covered in stickers including a number 74 and the ITB class identification. While the seller calls it an autocross car (and it may well be capable there, too), ITB is actually a road racing class, so the car has had some track time – perhaps a logbook is available to answer where and when.

1974 MGB GT interior

Within the last year, the car has had new brakes, rebuilt carbs, a new fuel tank, distributor, coil, wires, and battery, and some miscellaneous smaller electrical bits. The interior looks very appealing, but the exterior is said to need work to the fiberglass flares and the race-quality paint job. Valuable parts on the car include Spax adjustable shock absorbers, a Quaife limited slip differential, negative camber a-arms and lowering springs.

1974 MGB GT engine

While the car does have some rust, the body structure and underside are said to be solid and in good shape. The car comes with many spares, including grills, headers, carbs, brakes, body and interior parts, and stock replacement parts, as well as a bolt in roll bar. Momo Corse seats and 5-point harnesses are available at extra cost. The engine is said to be a factory rebuild (really? must be factory-spec) with 25,000 miles on it, and the car has passed the Massachusetts state inspection. Those of you who dream of converting a race car for street use, here’s a shortcut – would you take it?


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One Response to “Revolution! – 1974 MGB GT”

  1. Dan D Says:

    As a 2-MGB owner, I hate the radiused fenders at the back. The squared-off opening is a classic MGB design point.

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