Thoroughly Modern Auntie – 1968 Rover P6 2000TC

If you’re a fan of obscure cars, you can’t possibly miss out on the British car industry. No other country seems to support such a diverse industry of low-volume car manufacturers, rebuilders, and restorers. And of course there was a tremendous diversity of manufacturers there through most of the last century, from Armstrong Siddeley to Lea Francis to Sunbeam, Rover, and Triumph. Some of their cars were very traditional, like the Morris Marina and Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, and others were very advanced, like the Rover P6. While they can’t take credit for incorporating all the advanced safety features, they did pick and choose from some good sources like Citroen. Check out this 1968 Rover P6 2000TC for sale with bidding at $1225 and just under 4 days left to go in Saint Helens, OR.

1968 Rover P6 2000TC right front

Primrose yellow (April Yellow in Rover-speak) is a great color on many older cars, like the MGB, Jaguar E-type, and this Rover. It also benefits from super-slim, useless bumpers and tidy Rostyle wheels. As a TC it’s fitted with twin SUs, giving 124hp. This particular car has been in its present owner’s care for a while now, and is said to be a good fair-weather daily driver. It’s had a repaint at some point in its life, and might benefit from a detail job and thorough polishing, though that’s not plain to see in the pictures.

1968 Rover P6 2000TC right rear

It’s not clear why anyone living in Oregon would go to the trouble of keeping a car registered in California – perhaps this purchase is more recent than it seems. There is a California problem, namely, the tops of the rear seatbacks need recovering. Aside from that, the driver’s door trim strip is missing a small section, the handbrake gaiter is missing, and the windshield has a crack at the bottom.

1968 Rover P6 2000TC interior

The car has had a fair amount of work, including a carb rebuild, new alternator, new tires, and new battery. Everything inside is said to work, making it a practical, usable classic. The seller is unable to find any rust, and can only find repairs to the trunk floor as evidence of any prior damage. The interior looks good, complete, and shows its age gracefully. Can you smell the leather, vinyl, burnt oil, fuel, and grease all mixing together to create a little bit of heaven?

1968 Rover P6 2000TC engine

The engine compartment looks pretty clean, as you’d expect on a car that’s driven in good weather and only showing 60,000 miles. It’s interesting how Rover chose or needed to build out panels under the hood, unlike most manufacturers, who left the inner fenders exposed. It makes for a cleaner look, but must also complicate access to certain parts of the engine. The seller is moving this one along since he purchased a P6 3500, but for our money, this is the better buy – is it for yours?


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  1. jackson Says:

    I have a 1968 rover for sale too

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