Interesting Parts – 1976 BMW 2002

Following a reader request to keep an eye on the price range of featured cars, we’ve got an option here that will help keep things down. While definitely a special car that’s a recognized icon, BMW 2002s are not exactly rare in the classic car world, and the latter, big-bumper cars are considered by many to be less desirable (though retrofitted with home-market chrome bumpers, they look every bit as good). So that’s when you go looking for extras – the interesting little changes that were made by the selling dealer or the owners. To see some special extras on a cheap 2002, check out this 1976 BMW 2002 for sale for $2000 in Bellevue, WA.

1976 BMW 2002 right side

So Siennabraun is not exactly the most popular color, though it sure does evoke the 1970s, and some enthusiasts have great success making the less-popular colored cars look great by adding the right details, like a smart wheel and tire combination. As you can see, the paint on the hood is lifting, although it’s said to have minimal body damage and little rust. By the dirt on the car and the lifting paint on the hood, and the dirt accumulated around the perimeter of the car, it looks to have been parked under a cover for quite a while. Note one of the extras, the ragtop – a rare feature on cars outside of VW Beetles, and a nice compromise between convertible and hard top.

1976 BMW 2002 damage

Here’s a minor bit of body damage. The car is said to be in running and driving condition, but given the accumulation of debris around the car, you’ll want to prod for detail on how far it will run and drive. With any luck, the car’s location in the well-off Bellevue neighborhood means it was well-maintained. This shot is also helpful because you can see another neat extra – the unusual aftermarket wheels, which look like you’d be more likely to find them on something French or Italian.

1976 BMW 2002 rear

The rear view of the car shows two large speakers on the parcel shelf, and no visible sun damage to the rear seat back (which appears to be beige cloth). A lot of painful squinting suggests the car was last registered in 2010, so you’re looking at turning back the clock on at least four years’ storage. All that said, the seller says it would not take much to make it a driver, so perhaps this is another good rolling restoration candidate. So, are some neat wheels and a ragtop enough to overlook the final-year details on this 2002?


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  1. Jim Says:

    Thank you!


  2. steve in podunk Says:

    gone before I could look,,, bah.

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