Live from the 2002 Show – 1971 BMW 2002

Sometimes the best way to find a car is not to look around online (although that’s quite effective), but to go out for events like shows and driving events can sometimes be just as effective. At a Brisbane, CA show of BMW 2002s, there were a good handful of E10 BMWs for sale, including a very original 1969 BMW 2002 and a 1971 BMW 2002 with recent paint and a nice interior. One of the more interesting cars for sale was a 1971 2002 that looked to be in the middle of a rolling restoration, for sale for $3800 in the east San Francisco Bay Area, CA.


Okay, so the outside is nothing to write home about, though white is a good color for these cars, although it’s nicer with a blue interior. This car benefits from a full suspension rebuild and refinish, including new rubber bushings, control arms, trailing arms, and radius bushings. It also received new ball joints, a used set of Bilstein struts and shocks, boxed rear trailing arms and a cleaned up steering box.


Missing trim, and a somewhat bumpy body, but it appeared to be solid at first glance. As you can see in this picture, the trunklid opens. A recored three-row radiator, new starter, and a rebuilt heater box are also included in the work done on the car. The interior also features a new carpet kit and Becker radio with single speaker in the console. It’s said to be a 6-fuse car, which presumably identifies it as a fairly early 2002.


The engine looks surprisingly sanitary, and while it’s a replacement, it benefits from a Schrick 282 camshaft, a Weber carburetor, and high compression bathtub pistons. It also looks like the engine compartment was refinished, or at least very thoroughly cleaned. Underhood repairs also include a tii brake booster and new master cylinder. The body also benefits from rust repairs to the spare tire well, lower rocker and driver’s side door.


A shot of the flyer shows all the details, including how to reach the seller – will you be the next to take this project up a level?


The show field, or at least part of it, fronted by a beautiful Baikal blue 2002tii. The car event season is beginning!


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    I have been looking for a Renault 17’s, there some showing on the your site, please can you get me more info on them,

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