While the Scirocco was one of the first applications of a stylish coupe/GT body on ordinary front-wheel-drive econobox mechanicals, it was by no means the first to make use of cheap underpinnings as a basis for a sporty car. Much like the Ford Capri, Isuzu Piazza/Impulse, and Corolla GT-S, it allowed younger buyers to have some sporting experience while not spending too much money, and much like those, it received drivetrain upgrades to go with its rakish design. And so in 1986, VW introduced their Scirocco with a 16 valve engine, putting out 123bhp and making the 0-60 run in around 8 seconds, quite respectable for the time. You can find this 1987 VW Scirocco 16v for sale for C$3000 in Vancouver, BC.

1987 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V left side

Here’s another car that looks remarkably good for the price – it would seem British Columbia is fertile ground for reasonably-priced 1980s Euro cars. Granted, those fender flares, spoilers, and shiny red paint can hide many a sin, but you have to admit it makes a good first impression. Claimed to have 223,000km, it’s been professionally lowered and has a stainless steel performance exhaust system.

1987 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V interior

Aside from some damage to the driver’s seat bolster, the interior looks pretty good too. Expect some level of rattling as this was a no-cost option on all Mark 1 and 2 Volkswagens. More surprising is the crack-free appearance of the dash, and that odd bent shift lever, which looks to be some kind of owner modification.

1987 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V engine

While far from immaculate, the engine looks decent for a driver. No massive oil stains, and everything looking tidy and in its place contributes to an overall good impression. The only concern is all the power wires running off the battery – are they powering an aftermarket stereo system, or is this some kind of attempt to work around a failed fuse box or other problem?

1987 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V left front

One final shot – even the Bosch fog lamp covers are present. In the European market, this would have been the GTX package – it’s definitely worth finding the European bits to bring it closer to its original intended design, at least with respect to the picnic benches mounted at the front and rear. Park this next to an Isuzu Impulse and Alfa Romeo GTV6, grab a glass of wine, and compare/contrast Giugiaro’s work/influences.


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