3-Box Car – 1984 VW Jetta Coupe

Nobody will include Volkswagen’s Jetta in their list of rare cars, but ask them when the last time was they saw a first-generation Jetta. Then, ask them the last time they saw a 2-door version of that car – anyone who is not a hardcore watercooled VW fan will be drawing a blank. Back in the early 1980s, if you were looking to replace your BMW 2002 or Fiat 131, you might look at the Jetta. Sure, it wasn’t terribly powerful on paper, but the engine is quite perky and the handling was quite good compared to most economy cars of its time. And the folded paper design was modern, while staying closer to the proportions of something like a 2002. Check out this 1984 VW Jetta coupe for sale for C$3400 in Delta, BC.

1984 VW Jetta Coupe left rear

Lowered, on Mark 3 wheels with what appear to be later Cabriolet bumpers and grill, this car looks rather good, and not as anonymous as white cars can look. Fortunately, this avoids some of the cliches of modified earlier VWs, including flat black paint and the nearly pointless roof rack. Hopefully some of the suspension modifications were done for the sake of performance and not looks. The front struts and discs are from a 1993 Passat, while the rear features Corrado discs, so it should stop well.

1984 VW Jetta Coupe right front

Quite a straight, clean car to have survived all these years. The 4-door version was the more popular choice, so it’s interesting to see this 2-door. Presumably, more 2-door sales went to the Rabbit. The Jetta was the best selling European car in North America. This particular final-year car features a sunroof, which is apparently a rare option.

1984 VW Jetta Coupe interior

The interior is fitted with some nice Recaro seats from a Mark 2. There’s really not much else to see here, although it’s nice to see the seller left the rear seat in place – removal is generally pointless, unless you’re on a track where every pound counts. A short shifter is also included.

1984 VW Jetta Coupe engine

The engine has also had some upgrades, including a 1.8-liter head on a 2-liter bottom end, an upgraded cam, and a diesel transmission. Presumably, these all help this little car scoot faster than a stock Jetta. Given that they’re already fun in stock form, this should be an entertaining car with which to run through the hills. But – would you get this over the Scirocco, which is C$400 cheaper?


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