Grumpy – 1972 BMW 2002

There are many ways to sell a car online, from the one liner to the full photo gallery and description. Somewhere to the left (or right, depending on your proclivities) of center is the angry seller. Perhaps informed by previous experiences on craigslist, their sales approach includes lines like “no lowballs”, “no scammers”, “don’t ask for pictures”, and more. Are they really trying to sell a car? Their ears are probably burning as this post is being typed, and irritation is rising from an unknown source. Depending on your temperament, you can either blow these guys off, or realize your interaction with the seller is relatively brief, especially if what they’re selling is good. And speaking of good, it’s harder and harder to find roundie BMWs for a fair price that are feasible driving projects. Check out this 1972 BMW 2002 for sale in Burbank, CA for $4000.

1972 BMW 2002 left front

Looks like the original color might be black or dark blue, and it’s had some typical 1980s modifications including an air dam and turbine-style wheels from an E21 320i. At this point, many cars have been returned to original, or have the currently-popular period-correct modifications, so it’s neat to see this snapshot of BMW enthusiasm. The trim and panels look to be straight and complete, which is always encouraging.

1972 BMW 2002 right rear

Looking decent here too, although the door trim has gone missing. That trim is kind of lame anyway, so it might be nice to remove it permanently, if and when you do paint. Speaking of which, what’s up with the grey patch on the trunk? The car is said to be a great driver, as the seller drives it to work every day. The seller says to come check out the car in person, but not to ask for additional pictures, and that he cannot show the car on weekends. Perhaps he will at least share some more details about the car so you can assess whether it’s worth the trip on a weekday.

1972 BMW 2002 interior

Not much to see of the interior – the dash appears to have less cracking than average, and the seats’ original upholstery shows at least one split on each seat. The car also has a newer stereo, and it’s nice to see the original bus steering wheel. Would you put up with a possibly thorny seller to save a few bucks?


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