Volvo Show, Part 2 – 1990 Volvo 240 DL Wagon

If you’re looking for a deal on a Volvo, but the 242 GT is too boy-racer for you, how about a gold 240 wagon? Seriously, all it needs is a public radio sticker and a 1980s child seat in the back and you’ll throw every member of Generation X who grew up in a major urban area back in time. The great thing about the wagon is, you don’t give up anything in terms of the basic platform, and you get more room. To offset the extra weight of the slightly bigger body, the 240’s engine had an extra half point in compression by 1990, so you got a 7hp boost. And the same chassis and engine performance parts bolt on here, so you can have your cake and load it full of luggage too. Check out this 1990 Volvo 240 DL for sale for $4500 in northwestern (likely Portland) Oregon.


The car’s been upgraded with fender-mounted indicators, and wheels the seller describes as Evolution Wheels from ipd – perhaps resold by them – but are known elsewhere as Momo Quasars. On the down side, the spoiler has a scuff on the corner, the grill is missing the crossbar and Volvo logo, and the trim seems to be slightly misaligned. The car certainly has an aggressive stance, but is otherwise very subtle and probably wouldn’t be noticed doing 80 on the freeway.


With the exception of a split in the driver’s seat, the interior is in nice condition, and most importantly, you can see a manual shift lever with a 5-speed shift pattern on top. Other upgrades are the white gauge faces and armrest from ipd. Just seeing these seats should make you feel relaxed, as Volvo is known for making some of the most comfortable, supportive seats in the industry.


More of the aggressive stance, courtesy of ipd suspension parts including anti-roll bars, lowering springs, and Bilstein shocks. The car also has rear bushings from the same vendor. If you’re thinking speed, this may not be your car, but with the handling upgrades it would probably make a great momentum car that can also haul your stuff. Or, find a B230FT or an American small block V8 – perhaps one from a Chrysler or AMC product, just to mess with people. At any rate, more details and the seller’s contact info are in the flyer below.



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