Back to Basics – 1964 Austin Healey Sprite

When your main work is with older cars that have things like dual overhead cams, fuel injection, limited slip differentials, and even a heater, it’s nice to fantasize about the simplicity of owning one of the most basic of sports cars. The Austin Healey/MG Spridget definitely qualifies for that category, particularly in its earlier Mark 2 iteration, with a simple 1098cc single carb overhead valve engine and optional equipment like heat and side windows. Let’s take a look at this 1964 Austin Healey Sprite for sale for $4000 in Los Gatos, CA.

1964 Austin Healey Sprite left front

White on black steel wheels with chrome hubcaps and no visible windows or roof makes for a really clean look that emphasizes the simplicity – the car is small enough that it would look cool as a piece of decor in a larger modern home (though that would be a shame for not having it on the road). The two Talbot-style mirrors look good on this car, though with the placement of the driver’s mirror, it’s hard to see how that *wouldn’t* be obscured by the windshield frame. Note the small bit of rust bubbling through at the bottom of the a-pillar, perhaps indicating more significant damage behind it.

1964 Austin Healey Sprite right rear

The same rust seems to be present on the passenger side. The luggage rack is a bit unfortunate as it detracts from the simplicity them, though perhaps a trip longer than a weekend would require that amount of space for tools and luggage. The limited amount of trim looks straight and complete, and what’s visible of the interior here looks similarly good.

1964 Austin Healey Sprite engine

Looks like a black spray paint can went off in here, but on the positive side, it does look to have a number of fresh parts. You’ll want to ask the seller how long it’s been running without air filters, and carefully check the state of the oil and whether the exhaust is smoking. No details are given on the mechanical condition, except to say it runs and drives well.

1964 Austin Healey Sprite interior

Side curtains and a soft top are included in the event you plan to drive it year round. The aesthetics of the white vinyl interior are debatable, and the wheel wrap is too. You’ll want to find a center cap for the wheel, but otherwise, things look pretty good in here for a driver. On your list, would this compare favorably to a Fiat 850?


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