Bad Photographer, Bad! – 1961 Austin Cambridge

If you’re looking for a car that will prompt as many people as possible to come up to you and share their memories with a similar car, you might as well pick one that looks like a lot of other cars. So in that vein, how about a car that looks like a Morris Cambridge, Peugeot 404, VandenPlas Princess 4 Litre R, a little Lancia Flaminia sedan-ish, and if you squint hard, a fintail Mercedes. Unlike many of the cars in that list, though, this one shares its mechanical bits with a sports car – the MGA – so think of all the crazy things you could do. Twincam heads? Moss/Judson/other supercharger? MBG engine punched out to 2 liters? No problem, my friend – just sign here. So with all that in mind, let’s take a look at this 1961 Austin Cambridge for sale for $2800 in Tacoma, WA.

1961 Austin Cambridge right front

So yes, the photos are not that great… but let’s see what we can glean from what’s provided. It’s said to need a new battery and tires, and the seller says they would replace the battery but don’t know how to open the hood. Is it just a matter of a quick online search and you’re in business? The car is also said to have minor rust, but a 4-speed manual transmission – automatic was available, so that’s one bullet dodged. From this picture, it looks like the chrome is actually in pretty good shape, and the paint is decent if you like that patina look. The car appears to have been owned by a hipster at some point, as it’s wearing hubcaps off a Dodge Dart.

1961 Austin Cambridge left side

The pale acqua color is pretty on this car, and what’s visible appears in pretty decent shape. These cars are not said to be too inspiring to drive, but again, with a little creativity and looking online (and at the overall BMC parts bin), you’ll probably find you’re not inventing the wheel in upgrading this car. Picture it with minilite wheels, slightly lower suspension, and mechanical upgrades to match.

1961 Austin Cambridge interior

Seller doesn’t provide any detail on running condition, even when the car was last driven. There’s an MGB steering wheel in here already – does that portend anything for the powerplant? Unfortunately, this angle does not show some important things, like seating surfaces, but the seat tops are not sunburned, and things look largely intact and complete. If you’re looking for something out-of-the-ordinary, British, and suitable for more than two people, it would be hard to go wrong playing with this one for a little bit.


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2 Responses to “Bad Photographer, Bad! – 1961 Austin Cambridge”

  1. MountainMan Says:

    Wow, this looks like it may be a good deal, the seller is open to offers and from the few crappy pics it appears solid. The seller says “some rest” …must mean rust but this is local to me so if I had the extra moneys available I would be all over it

  2. Bunnet Says:

    This amazingly awesome car, with resemble to all those models you motion

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