Rare Bird – 1985 Audi 5000S Turbodiesel

Everyone has their list of turkeys for Thanksgiving, and since joining the mainstream is the goal here at RustyButTrusty, here’s an unusual turkey for the holiday. Until the recent comeback of diesel in North America (however long it may last at this point) you really needed to have a manual with a diesel engine, or you could literally be out-accelerated by a one legged man pedaling a bicycle. So let’s ask ourselves why, in 1985, someone decided to buy this 1985 Audi 5000S Turbodiesel , for sale for $950 in Portland, OR.


Aside from some bumper wear, it looks quite decent. You could say something about most survivors being roached out, but there aren’t enough survivors to make any such generalizations. Don’t forget the obligatory Magnum PI reference – one of these featured in the series when he needed something stealthy, or when the Ferrari was in for service.


Snark about power aside, 85hp with a turbo in a sedan of about 2500 lb. is not so terrible, but put an auto box in the mix and, well, slow happens. The car is said to run well with a new injection pump, good tires, and biodiesel compatibility. The seller even calls it fast, but concedes it needs a/c repair, new front window switches, and it has oxidized paint. It does get 36mpg, so perhaps this is a good one for getting on the freeway and staying there for a while.


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One Response to “Rare Bird – 1985 Audi 5000S Turbodiesel”

  1. Prateek Sahgal Says:

    That can’t be a 1985. My guess is 82 or 83

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