Curvy and Petite – 1969 Opel GT

If you’re on the lookout for a small sports car, but an MGB GT, Alfa GTV, or Triumph GT6 is just not curvy enough for you, the Opel GT seems to be a car designed by someone who brought their French curve to work, but left the ruler at home. And if, on top of that, you’re tired of having easy access to your car’s rear stowage compartment, or those sorry excuses for rear seats that just add weight, then you should take a serious look at this 1969 Opel GT for sale for $3500 in Ferndale, WA.

1969 Opel GT left front

This metallic blue works well on this car, though it’s not likely to be the original car – you’ll see why below. Is that fading or reflection on the nose? The flag mirror doesn’t look right on the car, and with a non-stock color, this car really deserves some slightly wider period aftermarket wheels to set the paint off. It’s said to run well, but the seller wants to move on to a better daily driver. Sadly, “better” in this case means a compact truck, which is too bad since there’s not much cooler than using your classic as a daily driver.

1969 Opel GT engine

The engine is said to be a brand new 1972 unit fitted with a Weber carburetor – presumably this is newly rebuilt, not a new crate engine. Either way, it shows signs of the recent work, looking pretty fresh and with the tag still on the upper radiator hose. The 1900 had a respectable amount of power, so this car should perform well enough that you won’t be struggling at every traffic light.

1969 Opel GT interior

The interior looks pretty nice, with tear-free seats and a decent dash, though the steering wheel appears to be missing its finish, and the carpeting over the center tunnel seems a little threadbare. The car also sports an original Kadett AM radio, and a couple of wires sticking out of the cigarette lighter – hopefully is is just a power adapter for some more modern in-car entertainment. Note the peeling paint on the door surround – this car looks to have been white originally. That said, assuming limited rust, this car with its simple mechanicals could be a good daily for someone else – would you try it?


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One Response to “Curvy and Petite – 1969 Opel GT”

  1. jimmyrk3 Says:

    I always liked the looks of these. Never got to drive one. It might be fun to cruise around town in and certainly not an unreasonable price, as it is already gone…

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