Powder Bug – 1972 VW Beetle Convertible

It’s easy enough to find a cheap convertible, and to find a cheap Beetle, but to find an affordable VW Beetle convertible is not the easiest task. Most are complete piles with a shredded roof and sunbaked paint, or nicely preserved/restored with a corresponding price. If you’re looking for a little taste of that 1940s touring convertible experience, with the large pram-style folding top and almost-separate fenders, you should look no further than the VW Beetle convertible. Check out this 1972 VW Beetle convertible for sale for $4000 in Los Gatos, CA.

1972 VW Beetle convertible left front

It looks pretty nice, though the paint could be somewhat oxidized, and the rusted license plate suggests that this car has had significant exposure to the elements at some point in its life. So poke, prod, and ask pointed questions so you can be certain of what you’re getting into. If nothing else, you’ll want to avoid suffocation by confirming the intact condition of the heater channels. The blue plate does also suggest lifelong California residency, which means you’re already at an advantage compared to a large portion of the country.

1972 VW Beetle convertible right rear

The top looks to be in great shape, though there is no picture of the car with the top down. However, even having intact fabric is a step ahead, as it can’t be cheap to replace one of these fully-lined items. The yellow sticker on the plate suggests the registration is up to date, and the car is said to run and drive well.

1972 VW Beetle convertible engine

The engine compartment looks reasonably clean, and the only shots of the interior show the dash gauges and a very split driver’s seat, so you’ll want to start there when thinking of what to fix. The seller is firm on the price, which seems fair for a driver-condition Beetle convertible. Anything cheaper in an older 4-place convertible in usable condition means a K-car, Rabbit, or Renault Alliance. If you’re looking for simplicity or just a vast range of aftermarket upgrade options, this is really the only choice.


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One Response to “Powder Bug – 1972 VW Beetle Convertible”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    someone got a deal. My Dad had a ’61 the same color when I was 6; he paid $50 for it.

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