Four Hunnerd Bucks – 1980 Ford Fiesta

While the RustyButTrusty radar is usually trained squarely on the lower end of the four-figure price range, sometimes it’s possible to find some really neat stuff down at the low three figures. The RustyButTrusty Alfetta was a find in that range, and while it’s since seen significant improvements, it was a great way to get into a usable, unique, if not pretty car. With not a huge amount of work or cost, it developed into a capable event car. For only $150 more, you can take home this 1980 Ford Fiesta for sale for $400 in Morgan Hill, CA.

1980 Ford Fiesta left front

With a close eye on the Mark 1 VW Golf and Audi 50/VW Polo, Ford’s designers came up with something of an icon in its own right, particularly in the XR2 version. North America only received the regular cars, in base, Decor, Sport, and Ghia trims, and based on the black stripe down the side, this appears to be a Sport. However, all North American cars got the 1.6-liter Kent crossflow engine also featured in the XR2. Choked by emissions equipment, 18hp were lost and the car was at 66hp and 88 lb.-ft. of torque.

1980 Ford Fiesta right front

The seller says the car runs and has headers, and suggests using it as an autocross or parts car. It is not registered and only available with a bill of sale, but it’s not clear what would keep the buyer from going to the DMV, filling out the appropriate forms, paying some fees and getting it plated. Knock the seller down a little on price and it’s probably worth the gamble for this Mini-chaser.


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3 Responses to “Four Hunnerd Bucks – 1980 Ford Fiesta”

  1. C S Says:

    Ok, this is my first post on the interwebs that falls under the ‘in my youth’ category. But this car. My buddy got a blue one with a tan interior handed down to him when we first got our licenses in 1986. I think it set me on my path of liking a stripped down and simple aesthetic. First thing we did is pop a goofy wooden T handle on it and went and found a spot where we could stomp it down a hill and get air off the train tracks. Followed that with some dirt road tail sliding. No joke. We were so young and stupid we didn’t even know what rallying even was. Wish i had endless time to collect some of these rides from an age gone past. Nice find.

  2. Heath Nettles Says:

    This car still available?

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