The Last Real…. – 1974 Lancia 2000 Berlina Iniezione

Towards the end of the 1960s, Lancia was really on the ropes financially, and their family-size sedan, the Flavia, dated to 1960, which meant its design phase occurred back in the late 1950s. Lancia really needed something to boost interest, and so they decided to heavily revise the Flavia sedan. This included a fully new nose, tail, and updated interior. The result was somewhat bland, if European-looking, and the cost to produce the car was so high Fiat nearly succeeded in killing it once they’d acquired Lancia. Lancia’s managers prevailed, however, for lack of a suitable alternative until the Beta was ready. You can find this end-of-run 1974 Lancia 2000 Berlina iniezione for sale for €3000 ($4100 today) in Cassano-Magnago, Varese, Italy.

1974 Lancia 2000 Berlina left front

It’s a handsome sedan, no doubt, but less distinctive than its forebear. Dark blue suits it well, and this is nearly the car that was used in a scene in Rush, where Niki Lauda and his lady friend thumb a ride, at which point the owners of the car and his friend goad him into driving it like an F1 car. Liberal interpretation of the car’s abilities shows the passengers getting pushed back in their seats after a downshift, although this car’s 2-liter flat four does put out a respectable 126hp.

1974 Lancia 2000 Berlina engine

Yikes! The outside looks pretty good in the admittedly poorly lit pictures, but the underhood shot is a warning that this car was either used heavily in the countryside, or spent a long period in storage, or both. Inspect very closely here, and expect that you’ll need to do a thorough cleaning and replacement of all perishable parts and fluids. The only description given is “satisfactory condition”, so calling/emailing for more detail is in order. This car is equipped with Bosch D-jetronic ignition, so those parts might be reasonably accessible.

1974 Lancia 2000 Berlina interior

The interior looks to be intact, although the seats look a little clapped out – perhaps a simple restuffing would get them back to their original shape. 55,745km are indicated, but even if it had turned over once you’d have low miles, while at twice there might be reason for concern. The selling dealer is not likely to have service records confirming the mileage.

1974 Lancia 2000 Berlina front

One more shot of the nose – it’s almost BMW-esque, as if they’d replaced the twin kidneys with a Lancia shield. Lancia build and ride quality are justly famous, and the performance is nothing to sniff at. Your only concern would be sourcing parts – just under 5500 fuel injected cars were built. Supposedly this is the “last real Lancia”, although the Fulvia and Stratos went a year or two further – does that make it a worthwhile experience?


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2 Responses to “The Last Real…. – 1974 Lancia 2000 Berlina Iniezione”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    I like it.

  2. johnmassingham Says:

    no its not the best one i have one a right hand drive only done 31000 miles one owner from new thanks

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