Go To Heckflosse! – 1966 Mercedes 230S

There’s a lot to be said for older Mercedes as a usable, practical classic car. Sold as a prestigious car when new, they featured elegant styling, some advanced features, and good build quality. Being one of the first cars to feature front and rear crumple zones, it’s a classic you can actually feel somewhat safe driving among today’s distracted drivers, and the M180 dual-carb straight six has 120hp. While you could never call it quick, with a top speed of 109mph (and hitting 60mph in 13 seconds), you’ll cruise comfortably at speeds beyond the legal limit. You can find this 1966 Mercedes 230S for sale for $2900 in Dallas, TX.

1966 Mercedes 230S left front

This appears to be a European market car, with tiny indicator lights, and a cleaner front end thanks to Euro-market headlamps and the absence of beehive-style indicators. As you can see, the paint appears a little worn, perhaps original in spots, but maybe salvageable for driver duty. It also features a 4-speed manual transmission, which, while not rare, will give you an extra 2 seconds in the sprint (okay, leisurely amble) to sixty. The three-pointed star is also missing, but that doesn’t seem like a part that would be hard to find. As a counterpoint, the front bumper looks perfectly straight, so there’s a little money saved right there.

1966 Mercedes 230S right rear

The right rear looks consistent in condition. Note the patchiness in the paint, with a slightly darker color in areas where rust might form – you’ll want to give these areas special attention when you’re checking for damage. The seller concedes there is some floor rust that needs repair, so pick up a torch and learn it yourself! The right rear side of the bumper seems to have a dimple and perhaps some bending in it, so it’s worth asking the owner if the picture is showing that accurately. The trunk lid gap appears a little wide, so make sure this isn’t a hint of something critical. The hubcaps have lost their color, but have been polished out nicely – as part of the upgrades you’ll no doubt be making, bringing these back to original should be on the list.

1966 Mercedes 230S engine

Engine shots don’t show anything particularly unusual, though you’ll want to bring the air filter back, and various hoses appear to need replacement. The seller has listed this as a project car, because the fuel tank needs draining and cleaning, and a general maintenance catch-up is needed. It is said to start right up and drive, so at least you’ll be able to do some assessment of the mechanical condition.

1966 Mercedes 230S interior

The interior looks remarkable for a 48-year-old Texas car. Seats seem to have no splits at all, and the carpets are intact and in good condition. There are no photos showing the upper dash, so there may be some splitting there. But at this price, how could you go wrong? A little work to reverse the effects of apparent long-term storage, and you’re on the road in a safe, solid, elegant classic that will edge out any of the new junk at the valet station.


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One Response to “Go To Heckflosse! – 1966 Mercedes 230S”

  1. Woody Says:

    Do you have any suggestion as to how I might track this car down? I am not really computer savy but I am looking for a 1966 Diesel 230s for my father and this would fit the bill perfectly. Any suggestions would be MOST appreciated. Thank you!

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