Texas Truck – 1972 Suzuki Carry Pickup

If someone said they wanted to show you a truck from Texas, would you have expected this? Well, the Suzuki Carry and its ilk have been popular for quite a while among landscapers and owners of large properties. While they’re not legal for on-road use, they function pretty well as a sort of motorized wheel barrow, bigger than adapted golf carts and with a more conventional drive train. Powered by a 359cc two-stroke inline 2-cylinder putting out a robust 28hp, they featured a watered-down version of the previous (L40) generation’s Giugiaro styling, and could haul up to 770 lb. And while there’s not much engine in there, they’re pretty light and the front-mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout (with little weight over the back) means there might be some tail-out fun to be had, particularly on dirt roads. Check out this 1972 Suzuki Carry pickup for sale for $3500 in Anna, TX.

1972 Suzuki Carry left front

Not a terribly exciting design, or color, but perhaps a little lowering over widened steelies and some kind of period Suzuki racing team livery might be fun. Notice the bumper seems to have been torn off at some point, but the rest of the vehicle appears to be in good shape. Expect the interior to be worn after 42 years of exposure to sun and weather, and supporting the weight of people bigger than those in the Japanese home market for which it was designed. No details are given on the condition, other than “runs and drives”, and that it needs some time invested in it. However, with microcar prices going through the roof, it’s worth a call if you’ve ever wanted to try one. And being a ’72, at this point you should be able to register it anywhere.


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5 Responses to “Texas Truck – 1972 Suzuki Carry Pickup”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    Better not overdue it at the MickeyD’s drive thru or ya’ won’t be able to get out of it!

  2. jimmyrk3 Says:

    If it isn’t legal for on-road use why would you need to register it?? Just askin….

    • Chris Keen Says:

      Good point. It wouldn’t have been in when it was new-ish, but I *think* just as with importing cars, once it’s 25 years old, and if your area doesn’t smog test cars its age, anything goes…

      • jimmyrk3 Says:

        In Texas if it isn’t used on the road then no smog or registration is required. And kind of a strange deal, not all counties require smog check for vehicles registered for road use, depends on density of vehicles..

  3. Tim Says:

    I’ve got one you can buy for parts asking 2000 phone is 3192316783

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