Got Faux-Wood? 1971 Ford Torino Squire

With the memory of fleets of these barges on the road fading, and the ability to look at each as an individual and see where the hits and the strikes were, you can see that Ford got it right with the 1970-71 models. Originally a special version of the Fairlane (as the Caprice was of the Impala), the new Torino had taut (if large) styling with tight, sharp corners and Coke-bottle influence that made it look like a custom-fit suit. As with today’s Thunderbirds, the styling was influenced by the supersonic jets of the time, with their big-mouth intakes and aerodynamic-looking profiles. Squires (along with Broughams and GTs) were equipped with the 302ci V8, which was good for 220hp with a two-barrel carb. You can find this 1971 Ford Torino Squire for sale for $2200 in St. Petersburg, FL.

1971 Ford Torino Squire right front

It’s a shame this isn’t a 1970, as that year benefited from covered headlights, making for a more menacing front end. This particular car is said to run and drive, although it is in need of body work (likely to the rockers, judging by the listing photos). This car is equipped with the optional 351 Cleveland, good for 265hp. It’s not clear if this is original, but even if it isn’t, who cares when you get 45 extra horsepower?

1971 Ford Torino Squire left rear

The paint looks pretty good from here, and the dark green is a good color for an early 1970s wagon – not too period, but not wrong for the period either. It’s nice to see all the original hubcaps on this car, as well as the faux-wood trim. Fortunately for when you fix up the body, there is replacement wood available, although some might argue that no-wood allows the clean styling to come through better on a car like this.

1971 Ford Torino Squire engine

Here’s the engine. Things look pretty solid and functional under the hood, and while it’s no thing of beauty, it probably works well. The power outputs cited above are likely old numbers, so you’re probably looking at something like 200 modern horsepower. Oh well, with less safety and luxury equipment compared to today’s cars, that’s probably not such a big deal. The car has a new fuel pump, an Edelbrock carb and intake, and a high performance ignition system, though, so perhaps you’ll regain some of those “lost” horses.

1971 Ford Torino Squire interior

The interior will need a little attention as well to bring it back. Carpeting looks mangy, and the horn button has been replaced by a JC Whitney cheapie item wired to the original circuit. That said, the seats and dash look pretty decent. There are so many things you could do with this car, from restoration to tow car for your racer to smash-up derbies – what would you do?


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