Was ist los? 1970 Opel GT

On a German car roll today, we know many of you have more than a passing interest in Opel GTs. And who wouldn’t like these, with their sexy Coke-bottle styling that set the tone for the C3 Corvette, plus a reasonably powerful inline 4 cam-in-head engine. These are also the most plentiful of the classic Opels, as they were more likely to be a second car and therefore well-treated compared to a Kadett or 1900 Sportwagon, or even a Manta. You can find this 1970 Opel GT for sale in Anacortes, WA for $2900.

1970 Opel GT blue left

That kind of price is normally what you pay for a well-rusted project with mismatched tires and a scrape down one side. Taking into consideration the pictures-on-the-internet caveat, this one looks like a decent example. The paint was redone from the original yellow at some point, but the metallic blue looks pretty good and is not
totally wrong for the period. The car also seems to retain all its original trim, down to the badging and the beauty rings on the wheels.It’s said to run and drive, but not well, and the seller does not promise it can go any further than a couple of blocks. The seller does say the body is in good condition, so hopefully the rust situation is not dire, and the engine has had a lot of work done. The listing he links to gives a little more detail – the brake booster and master cylinder are out, the timing is off, and the interior needs attention. He does have many extra parts to throw in the deal. However, between the mechanical issues and the fact he’s selling due to an impending move might mean there’s a deal to be had. If you check it out, report back what you find. And make sure to check out the gorgeous Washington shoreline.

1970 Opel GT blue right


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One Response to “Was ist los? 1970 Opel GT”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    I had one of these many many moons ago; the Solex carb was the bane of my existence but it was a very pretty car even in the tatty state mine was in.

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