Flat Four #2 – 1972 Porsche 914

In a twist of coincidence, today’s other feature car is also powered by a flat four engine. Porsche 914s, once a budget sports car derided by enthusiasts of the genre as a VW-Porsche, have been sucked into the 356/911 frenzy as the next affordable car. Porsche 914/6s, never dirt cheap to begin with, are moving towards the mid-high five figures, while 914/4s are cresting $10,000. Fortunately, this trend is fairly recent, and if you’re willing to dig and put in a little effort, you can find some decent drivers out there for not-crazy money. Check out this 1972 Porsche 914/4 for sale in Santa Monica, CA for $3900.

1972 Porsche 914 for sale right rear

The photos aren’t the greatest, but what you can see seems to hint at the overall condition of the car. The red paint looks sound, and it wears aftermarket Riviera mags, which need to be sandblasted and refinished. It’s been the victim of some tacky white flame pinstriping, but it shouldn’t be all too hard to remove. Everything looks straight and complete, and it’s got quad Ansa tailpipes for a nice, raspy note to egg you along.

1972 Porsche 914 for sale interior

Not much to be seen of the interior, either. The driver’s seat has a split at one of the seams, and the leather cover on the steering wheel looks a little rough. As an early 914/4, this one came with a fixed passenger seat and a movable footrest. Some of that space is occupied by a subwoofer, which goes with an aftermarket stereo.

1972 Porsche 914 for sale engine

The early 914/4 also had a 1.7 engine with a mere 80hp, but at a hair under 2000 lb., it should be no slower than its contemporaries, and can take the corners quicker. It’s said to run and drive, and have no evident rust, and the trunk picture underscores that point. But, is that truck bed liner spray? It does appear to have had a carb conversion as well, but in this price range is still worth a look.


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