Future Brothers – 1965 Dodge Monaco

The Elwood Engle-influenced lines make for a particularly handsome period of design from the Chrysler group, and the Dodge Monaco is no exception. The coupe got a hardtop design with a couple of interesting details – a C-pillar that tapered from top to bottom, and a crease across the roof above the rear passengers’ heads that mimicked a bow on a convertible top. The slope of the rear window, combined with the slant of the leading edge ofthe B-pillar, make it look like the car is trying to move forward. And the delta-shaped tail lights can be seen on any number of Dodge products of the era. You can find this 1965 Dodge Monaco pillarless oupe for sale in Detroit, MI for $3800.

1965 Dodge Monaco for sale right rear

Not bad, eh? The lightest use of chrome for a car of its size means a clean, simple exterior. These also made great muscle cars, and enjoyed powerplants as big as 440 ci, and who cares about the delayed response of an automatic when you have massive torque backing you up? With individual bucket seats, a big center console running down the transmission tunnel, and all the instruments in dual pods, the car had some pretty sporting pretenses. Unfortunately, this car has had its stock buckets replaced with some modern racing seats, but it’s also received a new cam, lifters, and oil pump. It’s also got new plugs, wires, cap and rotor, brakes, rear wheel bearings, a rebuilt transmission, and a new Holley 670 Street Avenger. It’s said to be quite reliable, so with all those new parts, a 727 automatic, and an 8.75″ diff, it’s time to go pick a fight at your local cruise-in.


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  1. James l plato Says:

    Is this car still for sale.

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