Ceci N’est Pas Un Policier – 1969 Renault R10

Based on the Renault 8, which itself was based on the Dauphine of 1956, the 1965-71 Renault 10 received the Caravelle’s 1108cc engine, and benefited from a larger nose (insert inappropriate French stereotype here) in which the owner could store more luggage. The interesting thing about this car is the engines available in its little brother, including a 1255cc engine with an impressive 103hp – this when the Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior Stradale had 96-110hp, depending on spec. The car itself definitely has a funky which-way-is-it-going vibe, which would actually make it a great sleeper, providing you can keep the front wheels on the ground. Check out this 1969 Renault 10 for sale in Alliance (really!), OH for $1500.

1969 Renault 10 for sale left side

It’s not too unusual to see older low-spec American sedans dressed up as police cars. But to see someone do it to a foreign car is another thing, especially if it’s not in the livery of the home-market forces. Some of the more detailed photos show that the inside of the hood and trunk are white, so the black was clearly added later on. Perhaps someone beat the LaConner, WA police to the punch with a funny little foreign squad car that predates the Renault LeCar.

1969 Renault 10 for sale right side

The question is, why would you dress this up as a squad car? At least it’s said to start and run well, but based on its location in someone’s yard, you should expect to do the usual revival tasks like replacing all belts, hoses, and fluids. Although black paint can hide many sins, it gives the overall impression of being a fairly dry car, with no visible rust on the a-pillars, roof, doors, or in the trunk.

1969 Renault 10 for sale interior

The interior is not too shabby, either. You’ll need to source some (rubber?) floor mats and seat covers, but those are both a reason to go to the next Retromobile in Paris. The dashboard ergonomics are interesting, with elements scattered somewhat randomly about the dash. Le radio over zere, a sip of wine over here, les switches over there, another sip of wine over here…

1969 Renault 10 for sale engine

The seller provides a rather useless underhood shot, in that the engine is hardly visible. What is the purpose of the bulkhead between the engine and rear panel? Is that a luggage space? Is it where the Renault 8 ended? Or is there another purpose? Either way, these are few and far between in North America, and with 690,000 R10s and twice as many R8s built all over the world (including in St. Bruno, Quebec, just like last Sunday’s Olds Diesel), there should be plenty of parts available.


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6 Responses to “Ceci N’est Pas Un Policier – 1969 Renault R10”

  1. kww Says:

    I believe the black panel is the radiator shroud. Cold air is drawn in down from the engine hatch vents, into the radiator and forward to the engine. The hole in the shroud is for the intake air hose.

  2. JD Says:

    And the bicycle up in the tree!

    • Chris Keen Says:

      Bicycle theft was quite a problem in rural Ohio, what with the local Amish kids on Rumspringe, so Bob was forced to take every measure possible, including painting his Renault like a cop car and putting his bike up in a tree.

  3. jean Says:

    plz let me know if the car Renault R10 for sale and how much if yes

  4. larry Says:

    Correct phone number is 310-894-9447thanks Larry asap

  5. larry Says:

    Please tell if the car was sold and if I can get a email or phone number from that person that bought it…thank you Larry 310-894-9447

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