Unmodified – 1985 Toyota MR2

With recent features of the Pontiac Fiero and Honda CRX, it was only appropriate that a Toyota MR2 be featured here as well. While the CRX seems to have cribbed its design from the Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato, the MR2 and Fiero seem to have used the Fiat X1/9 and Lancia Scorpion/Montecarlo as their reference point. The wedgy, mid-engine layout is very 1980s, but also still good-looking. You can find this 1985 Toyota MR2 with bidding at $1891 and about 3 days left to go in Eccles, WV.

1985 Toyota MR2 right front

There’s perhaps some oxidation of the paint, although from other angles the car looks shiny. The condition of some of the interior and exterior trim does substantiate the impression of sun exposure. Nonetheless, it’s a pleasure to see one of these completely stock and free of tacky Pep Boys wheels, neon floor mats and pedal pads, and a rattle can flat black paint job.

1985 Toyota MR2 left rear

Clean from the rear as well, the seller admits to some scratches in the paint, but says there are no dents or rust. He appears to have resisted the call of the Armor All bottle, which at this point just makes it look like you’re hiding faded trim. Instead, this seems to be an honest presentation of the car – the only thing missing is more descriptive text detailing the car’s strengths and weaknesses.

1985 Toyota MR2 interior

Can you name a Toyota these days that doesn’t have a beige, black, or grey interior? As mentioned before, there’s something that’s gone lost in Toyota’s drive for dominance. They no longer seem to have creative or distinctive solutions to problems, except maybe the Scion FR-S. This car has an interesting combination of options – pop-out moonroof and air-conditioning, but only a radio, without even a cassette player! However, the fact the simple original radio, shift knob and steering wheel remain suggests the owner was an adult who treated the car well.

1985 Toyota MR2 engine

While it would be nice to see a clean engine compartment, the lack of last-minute tidying-up continues the honest presentation. The seller (who appears to be a dealer) has not even bothered to remove a couple of leaves, so the car is likely as the last owner left it. With 89,000 miles on it, this car is only getting started and would be a fun little summer runabout.


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  1. Matthew Z. Says:

    Is this car still available? Thanks very much.

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