Wheeling and Dealing – 1968 Saab 96

Long time readers will know about the sentimental connection I have with Saabs. Last night, Wheeler Dealers – Trading Up was on, and one of the cars Mike traded was a 1972 Saab 96 that had spent 34 years with the same owner. Remarkably, it was less than $2000, so that reminded me how these are great driving cars. In fact, he went out of his way to point out how many people might expect it, based on looks and size, to perform like a VW Beetle, but that it was in fact a much better handler and much more spirited driver than the VW. Find today’s budget 96 V4 in Woodinville, WA (just north of Seattle) for $2500.

1968 Saab 96 right front

Really looks to be in pretty good shape. I would expect the paint to be a bit flatter than it looks in the pictures. Notice the earlier-style aluminum grill, and the straight looking body. Soccer ball wheels are a nice addition that make the car look a little sportier. Minilite-style wheels also look good on these.

1968 Saab 96 interior

The interior also looks reasonably tidy. It’s got a Saab sport steering wheel, probably from a 99 Turbo and a bit anachronistic in this car. So while it’s a cool wheel, find something else with a bit more chrome that will mirror (no pun intended) the rest of the driver’s view. There’s a chance the upholstery is not correct, and the floors look like they need some cleaning, but all in all it’s very usable.

1968 Saab 96 damage

Oops! Well, there’s a reason this car is fairly inexpensive, and this is likely it. This *could* be a relatively easy job, on the assumption that fenders bolt on to the unibody. But for right now, it doesn’t keep you from driving the car, and the seller says it’s a great car for running around.


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