Needs more VeeDub – 1984 Volkswagen GTI

I’ve written about the first-generation GTI in the past, so that and the recent article on Cabriolets should give you some insight into what’s exciting about these cars from a RustyButTrusty perspective. That in mind, I’m going to skip the rambling and get straight into our subject, a 1984 Volkswagen GTI available for $1500 in Austin, TX.

Check it out – with only 60,000 miles, it’s got reasonably shiny paint and looks pretty straight. How many of these 26-year-old hot hatches are there still around that can say that? If the mileage is correct (trust but verify!), you’ll be experiencing this car the way someone would have in about 1989 (after about 5 years of 12K/year driving). Seller is not very verbose in his ad, but allows that the car has only had one owner. With any luck you’ll get maintenance records and more – sounds like he’s finally giving up his weekend toy.

1984 VW GTI black left

He also states the car is best suited for a VW enthusiast. This could imply the car needs some work, or simply that if you want Toyota boredom/reliability, this is not the car for you. The hood has either a slight indentation, or just a reflection of some other object. There are some stone chips on the bumpers, and you can see their end caps are missing, but if this is as represented, this car is a steal. If you’re in Austin, TX and have an itching for a clean, stock GTI, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

1984 VW GTI black front


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