Hasenpfeffer: 1984 VW GTI

Going a little bit more recent for this one, but I’ve got several reasons to include this as a good, affordable car to play with. Back in 1981 when we moved to California, my parents’ first car (after looking at a number of old Beetles) was a silver 1980 Rabbit L, one of the cars built in Westmoreland, PA. I washed the car when I was a kid, and learned to drive on it in the Foothill College parking lot when I was 14. More importantly, I think GTIs are actually a good investment. Yeah, you’d have to think a little longer term for this, but this is one of those cars kids lusted after in the 1980s, kind of like kids lusted after a GTO or a Cobra in the sixties. Within a few years, these people will be getting close to the empty nest stage, and will be looking to spend their extra cash fulfilling the dreams of their youths. Like owning a GTI.

But lucky you, you’re thinking ahead and fulfilling that dream right now, with this 1984 GTI on vw.vortex.com in Campbell, CA for a mere $2600. So many of the GTIs for sale these days are up to their ears in modifications, many of them half done, but this is a complete, original-looking car. The only deviation is a cat-back 3″ exhaust.

1984 VW GTI front

Quality pictures make all the difference, and this seller has put some effort in. The spoiler, bumper, and other trim bits are all clean and present, and the car doesn’t look to have been modified at all. The seller makes no mention of the mileage on the car, but judging by the looks of things it’s either been restored at some point, or the car has relatively low miles.

1984 VW GTI interior

The interior also looks really clean. Notice the crack-free dash, center console with gauges, and general tidiness. The seller provided some other photos showing a clean passenger seat (why not show the driver’s?), and some spots are visible on the passenger side carpeting. With any luck, that’s the kind of thing that comes out with a shampoo.

From the appearance of the rest of the car, it seems the seat and steering wheel covers are to protect those surfaces, rather than to cover up existing damage. The flimsiness I remember from the plastic trim on my mother’s car means it’s impressive this thing is in such good nick.

1984 VW GTI side

This side also looks good. It would be nice to have a picture of the engine, but with the underneath, exterior and interior being so clean, I’d be super-interested in this if I were in the market for a GTI. Having been advertised since late June, the question is – why has this car not already sold?


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2 Responses to “Hasenpfeffer: 1984 VW GTI”

  1. Skip Says:

    I bought a 1984 Rabbit GTI new. Black-Sun roof- Red and blue cloth interior and I loved it. I loveded the close ratio box and how fun it was to toss around in high speed turns. It was a fun, cool car that was a blast to drive. Later I traded it for a VW Wasserboxer syncro Van. Loved that too but I could not keep the heads from leaking. Same problem with today’s Subarus…why can’t somebody fix these flat opposed engines? skip.

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    […] more VeeDub – 1984 Volkswagen GTI By Chris Keen I’ve written about the first-generation GTI in the past, so that and the recent article on Cabriolets should give you some insight into […]

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