Better than a Beetle – 1967 Morris Minor

Well, that headline is bound to annoy somebody. The closest I’ve come to driving either of those two cars is a Karmann Ghia and a Mini Moke, so I speak with a level of authority that can only be recognized on the internet. That said, I’ve always wanted to try a Minor since it’s got that fun little A-series engine, chassis by Issigonis, and cute styling. The other fun part about these, and the reason they’re suitable here, is parts and upgrades are plentiful and cheap, even though they went out of production 38 years ago. You can also go off the deep end and drop in something like a twincam Fiat motor, the virtues of which I’ve expounded upon in other posts. Body style options are also broad, with a 2-door, 4-door, convertible, pickup and wagon (of course the first two are most affordable).

With that as an introduction, here is our first Morris post. The Moggie in question is a 1967 model listed in Millbrae, CA for $2850. Since it’s a later model, it benefits from the raging 48hp of the 1098cc engine. This puts it behind the 1500 Beetle in power, but it makes up for it in reduced weight.

1967 Morris Minor front

As you can see, this one definitely has some, um, patina. That said, the paint color is all even and might even shine up a bit with some elbow grease (or an orbital polisher). The owner says the car is very well kept, which might be a bit optimistic, but it looks like a clean, original driver. The car appears to have non-original taillights and hubcaps, as well as mismatched red wheels, but in person this aesthetic might work well on the car.

1967 Morris Minor engine

The engine looks complete, and while not super-clean, has the look of a daily-driven car, which is a good sign in itself. A bit of oil, a bit of dirt, both things that can be accumulated in regular service. You might want to clean this up just to make servicing easier and neater, but make sure you dry *everything* out right away with compressed air, or just keep the electrical bits covered.

1967 Morris Minor rear

The only thing to indicate something might be amiss is the passenger door gap, and what appears to be some flaky paint or a dent on the right rear fender. The former could just be an improperly shut door, although I don’t remember these having a reputation for Lexus-like panel gaps anyways. All in all, with its great handling and serviceable daily driver condition, this looks like it could be a fun little backroads and touring car, while the larger engine allows you to reach 77mph for occasional freeway driving. Decent, affordable examples are pretty few and far between, so grab this one if it is what it seems to be!


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