Plain White Wrapper – 1967 Ford F250 Camper Special

With all the cars you’ve been finding on RustyButTrusty, you’ve surely been thinking, “I’d love to drag some of these oxidized heaps restoration opportunities home with me, but how? Old cars with seized brakes are so heavy, and Earl’s Towing won’t drag home something without plates on it.” Well fortunately, for the cost of merely a few tows, you can have your own rig, starting with the kind of expression of American freedom of choice we can only be brave enough to exercise in these times of $30/barrel oil – a pickup with a big block V8 engine. However, plenty of these in the affordable end of the market, as with any popular car of a certain age, have been subjected to abuse, corrosion, and modifications of questionable taste. So it’s a pleasure to find a clean, cosmetically stock version of the heavier-duty F250, like this 1967 Ford F250 Camper Special for sale for $1850 in Washougal, WA.

1967 Ford F250 right front

This truck just looks good on its contrasting grey wheels with stock dog-dish hubcaps and fat rear tires, with the kind of minor dents and wear you’d expect of a well-cared-for truck that has worked for its living. It’s said have a (non-original, as these were not available new) 460 V8, as well as automatic transmission, power steering, dual tanks, front disk brakes and a tow hitch. The standard cab interior looks to be in very good condition and shows stock upholstery.

1967 Ford F250 interior

Other work on the truck is said to include a new alternator, regulator, many new and refurbished parts in the braking system, transmission tail shaft seal, wipers, fuel filter, and rear u-joint. It’s said to still need a rear bumper and attention to a power steering leak, but runs and drives well on recent tires. The drawback of the F250 is likely to be a stiffer ride when empty, but hopefully that will pay off in terms of capacity to drag finds out of other people’s back yards.

1967 Ford F250 left rear

You can see some paint damage where fuel has spilled during fill-ups, some small dents and a minor rust spot at the bottom of the driver’s door, but things look pretty clean otherwise. Camper special trucks were designed to carry a weekend in-bed camper, but are just as useful for other work. Conspicuous in their absence are pictures of the rear and the engine, but the quality of the rest of the listing suggests these should be decent for a working truck. If you find yourself hauling home a couple of cars per year and the odd piece of furniture, this one might be a fun way to knock some of those jobs out and get most of your money back at the end of it all.


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One Response to “Plain White Wrapper – 1967 Ford F250 Camper Special”

  1. MountainMan Says:

    Nice old truck, looks good enough to get the thumbs up from other drivers but worn enough that you won’t be afraid to use it like it was made to be used

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