A Ford for Peanuts – 1960 Ford Falcon Two-Door Wagon

There are two definite schools of thought about the current state of the automobile. New cars are complex, amazing machines with incredible levels of safety and longevity, and at the same time automakers are still fighting reliability and quality issues. Manufacturers have a pretty good grasp on what the majority of the population wants – a sedan, truck or SUV with a decent amount of power, good fuel economy for their size and weight, and some form of self-shifting transmission. The other side is that all new cars are boring, and they don’t make them like they used to. Old cars are simple, easy to fix, and with a bit more care, can be quite reliable. You also get a plethora of body styles that are no longer available – like two-door wagons, two-door sedans, and compact pickups. And that brings us to today’s feature car, this 1960 Ford Falcon Two-Door wagon for sale for $3750 in Tigard, OR.

1960 Ford Falcon Tudor Wagon right front

The nice thing about these first-generation Falcons is they have very clean, unadorned bodies compared to their bigger siblings. The whole red-wheel fad is a bit overdone at this point, but easy to change to your taste. Then again, with these cars being so common, anything seems overdone – Torq Thrust wheels, widened steelies, Kragar 5-spokes, it’s all been done before. If you want to stand out, try looking at what they did in South America or Australia, where Falcons were also popular. Everything looks straight and complete – another photo shows the car on a camping trip with no front bumper, so make sure that’s back on the car. The only other concern here is the rust (or is it dirt) along the door bottom/rockers, but that can easily be addressed with a call to the seller.

1960 Ford Falcon Tudor Wagon interior

Do you like rainbows? You almost need to have a unicorn in the front passenger seat to bring this interior over the top. Nonetheless, it’s fun, and you definitely won’t be falling asleep while driving. In fact, bring sunglasses. It is said to be new, so that works in its favor – the seller says “new interior”, so with any luck that extends to carpets, door panels, and maybe more. Also in the interior, you’ll find a 4-speed manual transmission with new clutch, so you can make the most out of the inline six’s power.

1960 Ford Falcon Tudor Wagon engine

The 200ci six cylinder from a 1966 Mustang should perk up performance a bit – being a 1960, this was sold with a 144ci six cylinder putting out 95hp, while the post-1965 Thriftpower inline six benefits from an upgrade to seven main bearings, and is good for 25 more horsepower. With the sedan weighing in at 2300 lb., the wagon should be maybe 2500 lb., so that should net you respectable performance. And there are plenty of modification options available, should you wish to take things further. So how is this Ford a car for peanuts? Well, aside from the reasonable price, have you ever seen Linus sell a car so effectively? Snoopy wasn’t alone in shilling insurance!


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