The Un-Camry – 1985 Mitsubishi Tredia

Yawner Japanese sedans with an autolethargic transmission don’t make many appearances here, but there is the odd exception. As usual, the unicorn factor strikes again, because when’s the last time you saw a Mitsubishi Tredia with 37,000 miles on it? Were you even a glint in your daddy’s eye? Or too busy buying white aviator shades to go with your white leather man-dals? Either way, it’s a rare sight, and it’s also striking how similar this looks to the contemporary Camry. Actually, this looks like someone put a first-generation Camry in a blender with a splash of Renault Alliance and a soupcon of Renault Medallion to come up with a perfectly anonymous sedan. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool to see one that’s still so youthful in miles. Check out this 1985 Mitsubishi Tredia for sale for $2000 in Novato, CA.

1985 Mitsubishi Tredia left front

Bit of Stanza from the rear, so if this thing passes you by on the road, it’ll be like you saw one of those genericized cars in an ad for a body shop. Its condition underscores the claimed low mileage, with glossy paint, all trim present, and blue and yellow California plates. It’s a cheap entry to your local Japanese car show, and nobody else will have one like it.

1985 Mitsubishi Tredia right rear

The seller says the car runs and idles strong, but once driven it’s sluggish and bogs down. Given that’s it’s said to be on a non-op registration and seldom driven, it probably needs the fuel system sorting – start from the gas tank and work your way forwards. As the seller says, it does need a long freeway drive to get everything good and warm, but only after a full service. Of course, for the price you might just throw caution to the wind.

1985 Mitsubishi Tredia seats

Look at those seats – aside from looking like they have sporting aspirations, they look nearly new. Evidently, this is a true little-old-lady car, as the seller claims the car was driven by his grandmother. It looks like she took good care of it, at least on the outside. Shame there’s no picture of the engine – the 2-liter G63B gave 88hp to move its 2400 lb. along. Given its presumed outdoor storage, take a close look and make sure everything is clean and rodent-free.

1985 Mitsubishi Tredia dash

What a great angular 1980s dash. It has all the requisite features, including digital clock, digital speedometer, and odd HVAC and door-ajar infographics, plus the component-looking faux-luminum audio system. If you’re looking for a cheap 1980s driver, but the E30s are too commonplace and 1980s Camrys have all vanished, maybe this is your pick!


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  1. steve in podunk Says:

    get back to work, where’s my rusty but trusty?

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