Retraction – 1972 Porsche 914

Sometimes, reporting errors escape the close scrutiny of the RustyButTrusty editorial review board. That was the case with today’s story on the Opel GT, which said there were no truly modern sports cars sold as the same time as the Opel GT. This glaring oversight is unforgivable, and as such, this will be the last article posted here. Or not. In any case, let’s take a quick look at this 1972 Porsche 914 for sale for $2500 in Mendocino County, CA.

1972 Porsche 914 right side

The car looks to have received some modifications which, if not to everyone’s taste, should at least please the seller. The modern spoiler needs to go, and the chrome caps and wheels should probably go back to a Cal bug. But if there’s hope for a semi-decent paint job, those items shouldn’t be too hard to clean up, and you can then focus on this car’s strengths. The car is said to be rust-free, which should always be approached with skepticism on any 40-year-old car, but there are pictures to show a rust-free trunk floor. Any 914 buyer’s guide will tell you to check the hell hole, so look carefully (everywhere) and count yourself lucky if the claim is accurate.

1972 Porsche 914 engine

The installed 1.7-liter engine runs Weber carburetors and powers a rebuilt transmission. There is mention of getting the engine running, but it needs timing and attention to “some issues”. There is a clean title, and the buyer will pay the late fees for overdue registration. The car is offered with two tops and a complete fuel-injected engine.

1972 Porsche 914 interior

The interior looks like it needs some attention, with covers over the seats, an oh-so-80s wink mirror, dash mat and anonymous steering wheel. So if you want the other “modern” early 1970s sports car, and most of the Porsche inflation has passed you by, perhaps this one is worth a look.


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