For the Love of Hopeless Causes – 1980 BMW 633CSi and 1977 BMW 630CSi

This won’t be the first place you’ll read this, but if you’re looking at E9 BMW coupes, Alfa GTVs, fixed head Jaguar E-types, and more, and thinking “Confound it, man, I’ve missed the boat, and it’s already half-way across the Atlantic!”, perhaps it’s time to accept that the ship has sailed and retrain your focus on the ones that have yet to leave port. And just like with travel, buying your ticket in advance can get you some surprisingly good deals, like on the E24 BMW 6-series, which is clearly in the purgatory between old-used-car and classic. Check out this 1980 BMW 630 CSi for sale for $2900 in Silver Firs, WA.

1980 BMW 633CSi right front

The metallic burnt orange color is oh-so-70s, but also back in style, and looks better than you’d think any shade of orange could on a car like this. An early-style, small-bumper grey market car wearing turbine wheels and chrome side mirrors, it really shows off the elegance of this timeless design. The overall condition looks good, with glossy paint, a straight body, and all the trim present. The car is said to have a sunroof, working electric windows, and a leather interior which the seller ranks 7 out of 10.

1980 BMW 633CSi left rear

It’s also said to have no leaks and to start and run well every time, and is currently the seller’s daily driver. Showing 163,000 miles on the odometer, you’d want to pay attention to the condition of the automatic transmission – at this price, a failing automatic is not a liability, but an opportunity to pull it out and replace with a manual. Some of the rear photos do make the car look like it’s had a bit of sun, with warping of the rear headrest “fairings” and possible faded trunk lid paint. If you want a truly early 6-series, or you’re seriously into composting and cars but have a hard time keeping the two hobbies separate, why not check out
this 1977 BMW 630CSi for sale for $500 in Seattle, WA.

1977 BMW 630CSi right front

Wow. This looks like a car that was at one point updated to look more like the later, E28-based 6-series, but due to neglect/angry ex-spouse/aggressive plants has been thoroughly overgrown in moss, blackberries, and dead leaves and sticks. Just think, without much difficulty you could reduce the weight by a hundred pounds! You’d want to be sure the owner actually has the title, as this car looks like a side-of-the-road forest find. And the description doesn’t give much indication – the seller has the keys but can’t get the doors open, and it’s said to have run when it was parked. This looks like a prime candidate for the next Concours d’Lemons – can you force it to drive down to Carmel?


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