Getting Away With It – 1972 Mercedes 280SE 4.5

With the end of summer approaching in the parts of the country that have four seasons, it’s interesting to see what people are trying to move along as the old-car driving season draws to a close. The possibility of having to spend money on storage also puts pressure on pricing, so it’s your opportunity to scoop a good deal or two, especially if you can find something that’s had recent mechanical or cosmetic work. A great example of this timing is this 1972 Mercedes 280SE 4.5 for sale for $3950 in Roxbury, CT.

1972 Mercedes 280SE 4.5 right front

Said to be brought from California in 2007, this car was stripped, coated in rust inhibitor and repainted in a modern Mercedes color. It’s also had significant mechanical attention, highlights of which include a new exhaust system, full ignition system service, new fuel pump and pressure regulator, suspension work, and more.

1972 Mercedes 280SE 4.5 rear

Of course, you had to know there was a catch. At the end of the listing, the seller concedes the car needs minor miscellaneous work, a valve job on the left cylinder bank, and body work. As the car was stored winters since its move from California, it’s hard to understand what that would entail, and the pictures don’t give any indication.

1972 Mercedes 280SE 4.5 dash

The interior is upholstered in Mercedes’ tough MBTex vinyl, and is likely original and in good condition. In fact, the entire interior looks good – the finish on the dash wood is a little worn, and the upholstery shows use without being worn out. The only possible concern is the stuffing in the seats and arm rests, so you might want to plan on pulling the covers off and redoing the innards. Unfortunately, there’s no engine shot, but the other cars nearby suggest this might be a Mercedes shop helping a customer sell their car once the need for the head work was realized. Would you take the bad with the good on this one?


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One Response to “Getting Away With It – 1972 Mercedes 280SE 4.5”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    This is a nice old car but a valve job on this is no small thing and no one with any sense is only going to do just one side.

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