Noble Birth – 1972 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire

What’s old is new again, and just as 1980s bright neon colors and skinny jeans are trendy, station wagons are regaining popularity from minivans. They’re dropping their stodgy image and re-emerging as family vehicles that, unlike minivans and SUVs, actually handle with most of the agility of their sedan and coupe siblings. If you want to revisit the first time station wagons were cool (actually, by 1972 they weren’t really cool anymore), you’ll have to pony up some decent dollars since the collector car crowd has taken notice of woodies and other period utilitarian vehicles. Check out this 1972 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire for sale for $3950 in Sacramento, CA.

1972 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire right front

Was the car’s name really that long? Of course, in internet forum shorthand, you could put ’72 Ford LTDCVCS in your signature line. This car looks fairly well-preserved, although there’s either some fading or the sunlight has washed out the pictures. It’s said to have new front brakes and an intact interior, but for the driver’s seat, which is far from intact. Everything is said to work, but for the air conditioning, and it has heavy duty suspension.

1972 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire left rear

The paint is said to be original, and it appears the seller has a roll of faux-wood to replace the faded applique on the sides. Note the blue/yellow California plates confirming it’s been there most of its life, and the straight condition of the body – many succumbed to the kids’ clumsy attempts at learning to maneuver a large car at the tender age of 16.

1972 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire interior

Aside from the driver’s seat, the interior really does look quite decent, seeming to need only some cleaning but not much more. With the cockpit design of the dashboard, Ford really did make an effort to stop the passenger from manipulating any of the controls, or at least make the driver feel like he was in control. God forbid someone would change the radio station, thus making him have to arduously turn the tuning knob back to CBS News Radio.

1972 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire engine

The 400-2V gave a depressing 172hp in 1972, although it made up for it somewhat with a respectable 298 lb.-ft. of torque at 2200rpm. Given this car has aged out of emissions testing, it’s probably worth upgrading the induction and exhaust systems, and with the ubiquity of the Cleveland V8, on which the 400 is based, mild improvements can be obtained for small money. Would you run this woody-on-a-budget, or are the Malaise-era wagons just terminally uncool?


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One Response to “Noble Birth – 1972 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire”

  1. Joe Schmidt Says:

    Hi I realize this add is 5years old I was wondering if you still have the station wagon an is it still for sale if not would you know were I can find the same type thanks

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