Violent Anger – 1967 Plymouth Fury III

In case you were wondering, “violent anger” is the definition of fury. And while “I drive a Plymouth Violent Anger III with a big block V8” sounds much more manly, it’s also quite a mouthful, never mind the size of the badge you’d need to display the model name. Fury is far better if being succinct is your goal. The Fury III was the top-spec model (Furys I and II being lower-spec cars), and as with Ford, Cadillac, and Mercedes, Elwood Engle started using vertically stacked headlights on his designs. Furys came will all kinds of engines, all the way from a 225ci slant six to the brutal 426 Wedge V8. Our car falls closer to the 426 in terms of power – you can find this 1967 Plymouth Fury III for sale for $2750 in Phoenix, AZ.

1967 Plymouth Fury III left front

At maybe 64 cents per pound, you’re getting a great deal – even boneless, skinless chicken breasts cost 3 times as much, and they won’t carry you and five friends on a road trip. This particular car is a hardtop sedan, which is great since you get most of the style of a coupe with the practicality of a sedan. That primrose yellow is a great period color, and works well on this large sedan.

1967 Plymouth Fury III right rear

As usual, you should take any pictures from internet listings with a grain of salt. But this car does make a really good first impression, and one of the few major blemishes visible is the missing reverse light lens in the shot above. The cop-spec wheels are not consistent with a top spec car, and would have first been seen on later cars, but give the car the look of a sleeper.

1967 Plymouth Fury III interior

Are those seat covers on the seats? The rest of the interior looks quite respectable – and check out those aviation-style seatbelts – although the dash seems to have some warping. Being a top-spec car, it’s equipped with air conditioning, for which some hope remains since it’s hard to imagine anyone in Arizona being willing to go without.

1967 Plymouth Fury III engine

The engine is said to be a Golden Commando 383 big-block, with a refinished, balanced crank and new bearings. Everything looks very clean (though thankfully, not perfect) under the hood, although you’ll want to make sure the wiring on the driver’s side fender has been done properly. Depending on whether it’s got a two- or four-barrel carburetor, you’ll get from 270 to 325hp, which is not shabby for moving this boat along. What would your first road trip be in this car?


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One Response to “Violent Anger – 1967 Plymouth Fury III”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    My Dad gave me driving lessons in a 66 Fury station wagon; it was a lot of worn out car to keep track of while lumbering down the road.

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