Accidental Easter – 1977 VW Rabbit

How can you not like a 1970s compact in bold safety colors? Most compact cars, especially inexpensive ones, have devolved to being in boring grays and golds, and black, white, red and maybe blue if you’re lucky. Thanks to Fiat and Mini, small cars are getting their color back, but unless you go with the trendiest (and somewhat premium) brands, you’re still stuck with the basic choices. Back in the 1970s, the Germans were the least afraid of using bold colors. Check out this 1977 VW Rabbit, for sale for $2 (must be $2000) in Tukwila, WA (just north of SeaTac airport).

1977 VW Rabbit left front

The seller has owned the car for eight years, and has done all kinds of work during his tenure. This includes brake discs and lines, floorpan on one side, struts, CV joints, front wheel bearings, water pump, alternator, and more. The only issue he mentions is with the fuse box, but the windshield gaskets have already been replaced, so hopefully a thorough servicing should resolve the issue for once and for all. He also mentions various mechanical bits from an ’87 GTI, and GTI ground effects, though it’s not clear if those are included. Either way, the stock 1.6 is said to be in great shape with 100K miles. Would you go back to 1977 this way?


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