Fake! 1983 Fiberfab MG TD

Now hold on a second there – you’re already wondering, what the heck is this fake piece of $#!+ doing here. Well, the fortunes of companies greater than yours were built on a fake – the original Ford Taurus was merely a fake Audi 5000. So sit down, pour yourself a smooth, cold glass of King Cobra Fine Malt Liquor, and allow the wisdom to flow over you and to reflect on some new ideas with an open mind. The revolution was not born in driving the same old MGB everyone else has. So let’s take a look at our feature car, this 1983 Fiberfab MG TD replica in Orange County, CA for $3900.

1983 Fiberfab MG TD replica left front

They actually didn’t get the proportions so bad, although the rear-mounted engine dictates a longer rear overhang than the original MG TD had. So the styling is not quite what the original was, but honestly, what could you do to that original XPAG engine of a mere 1250cc beyond hanging a Judson supercharger off the side? By contrast, the VW platform has been hot-rodded hither, thither, and yon, so you can find a package that best suits your needs. First step is definitely to fling those fake spoke hubcaps into the nearest bush, and replace them with some widened steel wheels or period VW alloys, like the BRM wheels or something off a 914.

1983 Fiberfab MG TD replica interior

The interior is fairly basic. As with many kit cars, the seller has taken a varnished length of plywood and allowed that to function as the dashboard. Combined with the modern steering wheel, the effect is everything but 1952. Unfortunately, the rest of the interior isn’t showing, but hopefully it’s got a simple vinyl bench made up of strips of vinyl, and maybe even some carpet on the floors. Since it’s on a Beetle platform, does it have rear seats?

1983 Fiberfab MG TD replica engine

And here’s the real opportunity on this car – throw the entire book of flat-4 VW performance modifications at it. Dual carbs, larger displacement, Porsche parts, you name it – and then terrorize the local MG clubs with your little bastard. Since the engine’s out back, and it’s air-cooled, what’s under the hood? Is it a giant frunk? With some extra power and that much luggage space, this might make a perfect weekend-getaway car.

1983 Fiberfab MG TD replica front

This is the most successful angle of the car, if your measure of success is “looking like an MG”. The bumper is actually from a TD, and the grille is quite realistic, and what self-respecting British car *doesn’t* have an RAC badge on the grill? How would you make this wanna-be-TD a car that can stand on its own?


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2 Responses to “Fake! 1983 Fiberfab MG TD”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    I’m with you on losing those hubcaps, but truthfully that VW engine will probably push this little car around in perfectly adequate style; it’ll certainly be snappier then a real one and nowhere near as maintenance intensive to keep going.

  2. rik Says:

    TO ME IT LOOKS LIKE A FUN CAR ! with a vw engine ! that means it allways runs without the oldtimer engine problems , o.k a replica , so what , i think the owhner has a lot of fun drivin it , while other still working on theire rusty oldtimers with engines that needs more repaire than drivin fun !

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