Plastic Fantastic – 1972 Bradley GT

We haven’t had the occasion to feature many kit cars, primarily because the ones at the lower end of the price range are non-running kits that were never completed in the first place. However, given the growing craze for older fiberglass cars (both 1950s kits and Manx-type dune buggies), it’s worth look at this category a little more closely. Wouldn’t it be nice to be an early adopter on some kind of bandwagon and have a little fun along the way? Check out this 1972 Bradley GT for sale in Morris, OH for $1800.

1972 Bradley GT right front

Liberace owned one in gold metalflake, and his taste in cars is unquestionable. The car is said to be running and driving, and has a 1600cc VW flat four. Since they are built up on a VW pan, any mechanical work and parts sourcing should be reasonably straightforward. Anybody who can see will notice the headlight covers are misaligned, but this seems to be a common problem. It would be interesting to know if the power to weight ratio improved when the VW body was replaced with the fiberglass Bradley body.

1972 Bradley GT left front

Looking good from this side too. The wheels are very period and the paint looks decent, but you’ll want to check if the driver’s door has some damage – it seems the rear corner might have chipped off. The car is also missing its rear glass, but with the ubiquity of unfinished cars, and NOS parts still available, that might be easy to resolve. There is an active enthusiast community as well.

1972 Bradley GT interior

The interior looks rougher than the exterior. No carpeting is visible, and the passenger seat seems to be merely a shell with a seat cover over it. You’ll want to check the pan for rust, of course, since without a rear window this may have had exposure to the elements. Unfortunately, there are no images of the engine to substantiate the seller’s claims about its condition. Wouldn’t this be fun with a hot rod VW engine making good on the styling’s claims?


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One Response to “Plastic Fantastic – 1972 Bradley GT”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    A friend of mine had one of these in similar condition many years ago. As a matter of fact, everyone of these I’ve ever seen is in about this kind of shape.

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