RustyButTrusty On The Street – BMW, Chevy, Dodge, Pontiac

One interesting thing to note is that not only is there a vibrant automotive enthusiast scene in the dry western states, but also that people drive their older vehicles on a more frequent basis. That even includes commercial vehicles, some of which are still in use by businesses at the ripe old age (for a car, of course!) of 50 or 60. However, before we get too far down that path, let’s check out some recent sightings.


The first is a not-too-uncommon BMW 2002 of 1974 to 1976 vintage. These are not particularly rare when you include the qualifier “vintage sports car”, but otherwise they’re pretty thin on the ground. The later big bumper cars in particular function quite well as a driver, with their larger square tail lights as well as the better impact resistance afforded by the picnic benches.


Next up is this Chevrolet pickup. Now, you dry-state folks bear with me, but for the people from more rust-prone areas, when’s the last time you saw one of these on the road? And yes, this is technically a parking garage, but it’s at a major hospital, so ostensibly the truck is used on the daily commute. The square, boxy lines appeal as a nostalgic reminder of the late 1970s and early 1980s.


What the? A 1953ish Dodge panel van? There are a few of these running around San Francisco, including one that started out as a market truck with the roll-up canvas sides. This one has some needs, like repair to the giant rust spot right over the driver’s side window.


Lastly, this 1958ish Pontiac Star Chief is super cool, but has been likely garage-parked since something like the early 1980s. Styling recalls Cadillacs of the same period, and these (and their siblings) seem to be much rarer than the tri-five Chevrolets and siblings that preceded them. On a side note, the Bay View – Hunter’s Point neighborhood of San Francisco has been the source of some of these great finds – it’s worth keeping your eyes open for those if you’re on your way through there.


2 Responses to “RustyButTrusty On The Street – BMW, Chevy, Dodge, Pontiac”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Chevy pickup in a compact parking spot. That will get you a ticket in Austin Texas…

  2. jimmyrk3 Says:

    Chevy pickup in a compact parking spot. That would garner you a ticket in Austin, Texas….

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