RustyButTrusty on the Street – Mercedes, Alfa, and a VW on Street View

Today’s theme is that sometimes the cool cars are close by, and sometimes they are far away. But the key is that people are out there using them, and even if they get dirty or chipped, they’re not half as much fun sitting in the garage. The first car is in an office development fairly close to RustyButTrusty world headquarters. R107 Mercedes SLs are not such a rare find, and would not ordinarily show up in this context, but this small-bumper SL is probably a 1972 or 1973 model. Complete with personalized blue California plates, it looks the part of the executive from one of those newfangled chip manufacturers. Can you imagine, some people were born and made it nearly through high school without Mercedes revealing a new SL?


Literally a block away from RustyButTrusty world HQ is this 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6. It’s in remarkably good condition, and while the reasons for keeping it garaged are perfectly valid, it would be nice to see it out more often. With the spike in collector car values, and the newest driver cars finally retiring, Alfa Romeos are becoming an increasingly rare sight on our streets.


Last up is a Google street view find! This 1981ish VW Scirocco showed up during a recent mapping exercise in Tacoma, WA. Check out the sweet reflective filler panel between the tail lights – whatever happened to that trend? It’s nice to see this one out and about, and it’s in particularly nice condition.

1981 VW Scirocco in Tacoma


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