Longest Wheelbase Ever – 1956 Imperial Sedan

Do you want to drive a car that says. “Get the hell out of my way because I’m big and good-looking”? Well, look no further than the 1956 Imperial. From the oversized bumpers that say “Move it buster”, to the eagle on the front that says “Better Dead than Red”, to the sparrow-strainer taillights and the eagle on the rear that says “America, F$%^ yeah!”, this car could only be from the US. However, while it’s large – one of the biggest American cars of its period – its design is actually quite attractive, with the dual grills taken from the Chrysler 300. It’s also rare that one of these is available in our price range – the absolute upper crust of American cars is usually priced out of this budget range, or it’s so far gone as to be nothing more than a giant paperweight. Check out this 1956 Imperial Sedan, for sale in Pasadena, CA for $4000.

1956 Chrysler Imperial for sale nose

Compared to contemporary Cadillacs and even Lincolns, Imperial were quite restrained with their use of chrome. Was this a cost-saving measure that just happens to play well today by happy accident, or was it actually by design? The color is contemporary, but is also very appropriate for a car of this type. That bumper almost looks as if it’s adjustable. Perhaps it’s an impact mechanism that makes it push out forcefully when it encounters resistance? All the better to push that commie in his foreign car out of the way.

1956 Chrysler Imperial for sale engine

If the bumper, the eagle, and the size aren’t enough to impress you, how about this Chrysler FirePower engine? With 354ci putting out 280hp through its pushbutton PowerFlite transmission, you won’t be getting anywhere too fast since the car weighs 4900 lb., but it’s no doubt adequately quick in the Rolls Royce sense. The engine looks like it’s original, at least in the sense that it’s got plenty of grease and road grime on it.

1956 Chrysler Imperial for sale interior

The interior is really quite good for a car of its age. The materials are not the original imperial eagle patterned coverings, but they retain the original panel pattern and are in tasteful colors that might have been found on other cars its age. You can see the pushbutton transmission controls on the left of the steering wheel, and the Philco transistor radio (first one in a car) is also present. The only missing parts are the two front door panels. The electric windows are said to work, and the car runs, although it’s not said how well.

1956 Chrysler Imperial for sale tail

Here’s the other imperial eagle, so the commies know who took ’em down as you drive away. Here you can also see the paint oxidation, as well as some surface rust on the bumper. This car might work best (financially and aesthetically) as a sympathetically restored preservation car.


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2 Responses to “Longest Wheelbase Ever – 1956 Imperial Sedan”

  1. Matt Says:

    Awesome write up!

  2. Alexander Adams Says:

    I am interested…

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